Oscar T. Perez Oscar T. Perez

Oscar T. Perez

Óscar T. Pérez is a wonderful book illustrator based in Madrid, Spain. Now, Perez has posted a group of animated shorts – films sponsored by his publishers Edicions Bromera and La Galera — made to promote some of his recently published books. Below is a stylish one for The Encyclopedia of Monsters and Other Terrifying Creatures, written by Enric Lluch. To see more of Perez’ illustration art visit his blog.

  • Donald C.

    Love the music and art style.

  • spookymeggie

    Hm. The montage near the end was a lot of fun, but the entire lead up with the witch felt very long and meandering.

  • Thank you very much for showing my work.

    Merry Christmas from Madrid.