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Owen Hurley Named Technicolor’s Animation and Games Creative Director

Technicolor announced last week that they have appointed Owen Hurley to be the Creative Director of its Animation and Games group. Hurley will be based in Bangalore, India, at Technicolor Digital Productions’ animation studio.

The company, which formerly focused on technology solutions for the entertainment industry, has been building its reputation as a content producer since 2010. Their Indian studio has a dedicated unit working on Rockstar Games including such titles as Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3.

Earlier this year, Technicolor also announced plans to develop original content. Their current projects in development include Berkeley Breathed’s Pete & Pickles; Atomic Puppet, (a co-production with Mercury Filmworks); and a TV series adaptation of the graphic novel series The Deep.

Hurley recently directed Technicolor’s Barbie in the Pink Shoes for Mattel. Prior to working at Technicolor, Hurley was the Director of Animation and Cinematics at Vancouver-based Relic Entertainment, where he worked on the games Company of Heroes and the Dawn of War series. During an eight-year stint at Mainframe Entertainment, he directed episodes of Beast Wars, ReBoot, War Planets and Weird-Ohs as well as the direct-to-DVD movie, Casper’s Haunted Christmas.

  • AmidAmidi

    This was the photo provided to Cartoon Brew by Technicolor.

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    lose the earing, bro…
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  • It’s always jarring for me to read “Technicolor” in a sentence that doesn’t also have “three-strip” or “Natalie Kalmus” in it.

  • Elana Pritchard

    In my universe, Technicolor would rebrand themselves in a similar fashion to what Pantone is doing. They’d focus on the color, and produce really cool and groundbreaking space-age animation. That’s what I picture when I think “Technicolor Animation”, not Barbie.