Planktoon Planktoon


I’m keeping my eye on Planktoon, a Paris based CG animation studio with a very cartoony aesthetic. Here’s their latest, RouDooDou, directed by Sun Michel Limet.

  • Do a lot of people prefer the cartoony aesthetic? It seems to be really popular….

    They always teach overacting in animation classes and I feel like people just take it out of context.

  • CG artist

    Everything wrong with CG encapsulated in one short piece of animation. Poorly constructed characters, loud and unfunny animation, garish art direction and, oh yeah, fart gags.

  • red pill junkie

    I liked it, and the rest of their shorts aswell :-)

  • Planktoon? Viacom would sue them for using a “Spongebob” character, although it is a real animal name.

  • Stephen A. Douglas

    The short plays best without sound.

  • Barbara

    that is really horrifying. I don’t want to see balloon tits and saggy buttcrack on a cg cartoon character…ever.

    I need to go…just go.

  • Jon Garaizar

    im a little unclear as to what was going on in the short, i didn’t like it.
    it wasn’t funny, and it was ugly as hell. oh, but i loved the quasi-anime goofy surprise pose the non-breasted character took after getting hit with the pot. i haven’t at all been sick of that since i was 11.

    props to Vujovic on the over acting thing.

  • Joe

    I agree with the majority in that this wasn’t very good with some real ugly designs

    However I found the other shorts–Do Penguins Fy?, Magik Circus, and Gotchi & Dootchi– to be much better. (Penguins was my favorite)

    Also those concerned about “cartoony aesthetic” should look at the girl in the Magic Carpet short. She contrasts sharply with the more expressive “genie.”

  • markjsand

    We now have a new category of animation that I call GRUNTMATION. In GRUNTMATION the characters use sub linguistic grunts, coos, caws, and other gibberish to express emotion and intent.

  • You heard it here first folks, CGI animation invented fart jokes!