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R.I.P. Dave Borthwick

Word has reached us that stop-motion animator Dave Borthwick, one of the founders of The Bolex Brothers (with partner Dave Alex Riddett), passed away this past week in Bristol England. His health had been failing for a while and he finally succumbed to pneumonia.

He was the creator and director of The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (pictured above, with actor Nick Upton) and was currently in production on a feature-length clay-animated adaptation of Gilbert Shelton’s underground comix classic The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (as Grass Roots – see clip below). Borthwick animated many commercials in the U.K. and co-directed the feature Sprung! The Magic Roundabout (AKA in the US, Doogal).

(Thanks, Tom Gasek)

  • Spencer

    What an amazing mind and inspiration. RIP.

  • Sad news.
    We were nuts about Tom Thumb when it played at the Melbourne Film Festival 100 years ago.

  • GW

    This is disappointing. Another animator has died too young. I’d liked The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb, and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers feature looks interesting, especially with the cat that has the long nose, the sudden rate of construction progress and the man working behind the scenes.

  • what a sad sad day. I was lucky enough to work with Dave on a series of commercials and even go for the occasional pint in the pub near where we both used to live in Easton. I am very priveleaged to have attended Dave’s funeral today and it was a suitably well attended and moving ceremony….he will be missed by a lot of people.

  • Cathy Poole

    Really sad to hear this news.

  • Ed Jobling

    so sorry to hear you’re gone, Dave

  • Dan Gregory

    Very sad news. I worked with Dave on several music videos and on a 35mm silent movie for Harveys. A great talent and wonderful guy RIP

  • Very sad news about Dave. He was a great guy and had an amazing talent. Will be greatly missed.

  • Andy Frain

    I only learned of Dave’s passing today, 6 months too late to pay real tribute. Firstly my most sincere condolences to Dave’s family for their loss of a wonderful man. Secondly to the loss of a great and talented film maker who could tackle difficult subjects and do so with considered dignity. Perhaps my best memory of Dave was being with him at the Yubari Film Festival in Japan, where he won the 2nd prize for “The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb”, an extraordinary achievement given the competition of big budget VFX films. But more importantly is my memory of the Japanese women who came up to Dave after the screening to thank him for understanding the difficult decision women sometimes need to make in terminating the life that is growing in their body. Without words, Dave’s film transcended language and cultural barriers and touched these women in a way I’ve not seen before or since. Mr Borthwick, I loved working with you and you were a true and exceptional talent.

  • marina e

    Just found out today about Dave -very sad-RIP