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Ralph Interview

Jason Anders continues to interview cult directors, hot starlets and distinctive animators. He’s just posted a conversation with Ralph Bakshi on his Fulle Circle Blog — and whatever Ralph has to say is always worth a read.

  • Very touching interview. Thank you Mr Bakshi for shaking us up to push things forward!

  • Lee

    Fantastic interview, he doesn’t hold back!

  • Dave G

    You’ll never see this level of honesty in corporate animation interviews.

  • I love his movies, even Cool World.

  • I never worked for Ralph, but I always took the opportunity to visit all of his studios. (he had several)

    I can honestly state that Ralph Bakshi had real passion for animation. No money – but passion. He had such respect for his animation talent. Respect. Can you even imagine that today?

  • “He had such respect for his animation talent. Respect. Can you even imagine that today?”

    No I can’t, except at perhaps Pixar. You can hear his passion for animation and cartooning in every word Ralph says. He also has some prescient insights. There’s no room for experimentation in mainstream animation, because the companies have put so much money into these projects, that they have to have a hit, so they can’t take the chance. That’s too bad. I think we could have some great films if the artists were allowed to experiment.

    Thank you putting this up Mr. Beck. Ralph is my hero.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I enjoyed this thoroughly, especially this quote…

    “I figured it out last week- the first three and a half minutes of a Pixar film equal the entire budget for Wizards.”