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Rediscovering Irv Spector

Irv Spector

Director Michael Sporn has recently been in touch with the son of animation legend Irv Spector. Spector worked as an animator, designer and storyman from the 1930s onwards. He asked the son Paul Spector to share photos, artwork and information related to his father, and Paul has responded with an amazing blog entry about his dad that includes lots of beautiful gag drawings by Sam Cobean. There’s other bits and pieces about Spector online such as this beautiful cartoony one-page comic and photos from his time at the Charles Mintz Studios.(On a sidenote, one of Spector’s commercial designs is printed in my book Cartoon Modern on page 29.)

  • christy

    wow! these are awesome!
    thanks amid/michael/paul!

  • Paul Spector

    Many thanks for the plug, Amid. As stated at the end of the Splog, there should be more of the same up on Friday — IMO at least as nice.

  • I LOVE the drawing above, but what does it mean? Is it a guy thing?

  • Amid

    Carolita – Gag drawings done at animation studios are very ephemeral. It’s hard to know fifty years later what the situation was that prompted this drawing by Cobean. Then again, these drawings were never intended to be viewed decades later or seen by people outside of the studio.

  • Paul Spector

    I think if nightgowns were put on the females, it’s the kind of piece that could have ended up inside The New Yorker. Although that’s not my father on the rooftop, the “big joke” is that he had started weightligting around that time, and weighed about 140 lbs.

  • bob kurtz

    hi paul-
    i remember you dad so well. irv was a truly funny guy and a great talent.
    and how about those great passover dinners our families had together.
    and those living room performances your dad and cal howard put on.
    those were great times.your dad made me laugh so much.
    please, i would love to hear from you paul.

  • Well, it works for me fine as a sort of dream sequence. I was just curious if there was something more to it that I wasn’t getting.

  • Paul Spector

    Hey Bob! I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear from you. I’ll write you via your site! – Paul