REMINDER: Corny Cole memorial next Sunday REMINDER: Corny Cole memorial next Sunday

REMINDER: Corny Cole memorial next Sunday

A reminder that the public memorial service for Corny Cole, who passed away last month, is planned for this Sunday, October 9th.

The Animation Guild had already scheduled an open-to-the-public Fine Art of Corny Cole exhibit and reception for this Friday, October 7 at 6pm. However, the official memorial event has been added on Sunday, October 9, from noon to 6pm in the Guild’s meeting room on the second floor. Both these events will be held at The Animation Guild building, at 1105 N. Hollywood Way, in Burbank, CA.

For the Sunday memorial, which will open at 12 noon, attendees are encouraged to bring Corny Cole artwork to display or any video of his work, or of him, on DVD. At 1pm Tom Sito will introduce several friends and guest speakers. Anyone who has a Corny story to share is invited to do so. Contact Sito at tom (at) tomsito (dot) com so he can add you to the list and introduce you. Refreshments will be served.

(photo above via Jon Gomez)

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  • Ted

    Is it inappropriate for an animation liker who happens to be in town with no real connection beyond having read/heard some stories (and seen some animation) to drop by this type of thing?
    Please be blunt on this; no one wants to be the douchebag at a funeral…

    • Bob Foster

      By all means, Ted, please drop by. You’re most welcome.

  • Douglas Stewart

    I went to Corny’s class a couple of times with my friend Frank. I realized that I was good at morphing my characters. If only I had realized there was a Plympton-niche for me. My friend Frank went on to found Powerhouse in Austin, among other things.