Sand Painting Sand Painting

Sand Painting

Not animation, but an incredible exhibition of artistic talent from a broadcast of Ukraine’s Got Talent. It’s a stunning and touching artwork/performance about WWII from the Ukrainian point of view, eliciting not only applause but tears from the audience. It’s refreshing to watch an artist draw and perform — and win — instead of the many average singing acts. And it’s also captivating to watch the story develop as each scene is swept away to create a new one:

(Thanks, Jeana Tran)

  • What do I learn about myself, that after watching 8 minutes of a remarkable illustratory talent receiving national appreciation from a crying crowd, that the part I liked most was when she blew out the candle…

    Anyway, here she goes again:

  • DN

    Any idea what she writes at the end?

  • virtual world games

    This is ingenious and charming. Great work from the talented artist and its nice to see these genre of touching artwork.

  • How amazing was that?! I want to marry her…

  • it isn”t often that my eyes water up. even though I hardly understand it all. Almost cried at the end into my cereal bowl.

  • I was weeping freely after the screaming faces appeared. Thank you for sharing this.

  • DN says: “Any idea what she writes at the end?”

    I think it’s the Ukranian for “That’s All, Folks!”.

  • that was an amazing performance

  • Jay Sabicer

    And though Sergio Aragones was the world’s fastest artist. With a pen, maybe. This woman is extremely talented, with a command of her medium (sand) I’ve never seen before. Her message at the end had the word Mir in it, meaning peace. I think we fail to realize that although the west lost a lot of good men in WWII, the Soviets (including modern-day Ukraine) lost much more, from Stalin essentially throwing troops at Hitler. So, the tears are not any type of exaggeration. I’m curious what magic Xenia would create with sand or clay animation ala Joan Gratz.

  • Beautiful work.

    Perhaps someone knowledgeable about Ukrainian history could provide some annotation as to what it all represents?

  • I loved it… reminds me of another piece of digital art I found here:

  • Mike Johnson

    Now THAT was high art.

    I have no idea what it was all about, other than the obvious overtones of war and loss, but maybe that is enough. She accomplished more by hand in just a few short minutes than many traditionally animated films can achieve in two hours. I was reminded, emotionally at least, to Grave of the Fireflies and my reaction to it when I first saw it. Just devastating!

    What a great find this is.

  • Jaye R

    Check out this link, it’s pretty involved, but the first page sums it up in a nutshell. Under the guise of the USSR, Ukraine actually suffered the greatest casualties and material losses of any other country in the war. She is telling a story about the complete devastation of Ukraine’s land and people in a war that wasn’t theirs.

  • Nick

    Just a question for you folks out there in the cartoonbrew world… Does anyone else out there feel that sandpainting should be considered a form of kinesthetic animation?

  • Anna

    wow O_O!

    to anyone interested, she writes “You are always near” in the end

  • Really an amazing work. I love sand animation, but the presentations videos are even more impressive. She must have some influence of Ferenc Cakó’s work. The Hungarian animator has been doing live sand animations for years, besides some short sand animations.

    But she truly knows how to mix the music, the scenes and the changes between them. She knows how to captivate the audience.

    Thanks for sharing it. :)

  • Steven Smith

    I’m not sure if anyone else caught this, but the last song that is played is and orchestral version of nothing else matters by Metallica. Anyways, this was beautiful.

  • Daria

    Her skill in drawing is pleasant to me. But the concepts of her works are too straightforward and not to rouse the curiosity. I don’t see any original ideas at it. I don’t want to be rough, just wish her to find good partner to make amazing works which will combaine her skill and interesting ideas.

  • Tess

    I couldn’t read the entire phrase at the end but the first word, Mir, means “peace.”

  • This is absolutely a stunning display of a beautiful talent! May God bless you Ma’am…and may we all remember.

  • I like this a lot. Not that I’m biased or anything…