Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois Star in H-P Spot

Animators treated as celebs is a novelty that doesn’t get old so it’s good fun to see How To Train Your Dragon co-directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois mug for the camera in this commercial for Hewlett-Packard, alongside Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords. Other commercials in the campaign feature Annie Leibovitz and Dr. Dre.

(Thanks, Ryan Matias)

  • erlab

    Saw this last night, coincidentally. That host is clearly the focus of the commercial, but I somehow feel like the directors are being teased not just for the camera.

  • Kelly Tindall

    I love Rhys Darby. I should find him irritating, I really should, but I don’t.

  • robcat2075

    What part of an HP computer does HP make?

    Not the RAM or the CPU or the OS or the graphics card or the hard drive…

  • Ariel

    Hahaaa… That Rhys Darby is hilarious! I can’t get enough of Flight of the Conchords. Such a fun, original show.

  • http://[email protected] paburrows

    It reminds me of the 90′s when you had Rob Liefield doing Levi commercials. (don’t shoot me for mentioning his name) And a lot of the comicbook creators were minor celebreties. You even had it a little with Glen Keene and some animators.

  • pudleiner

    Well done.
    Nice to see them having a spot like this.
    Usually it’s the voice talent in front of the cameras.
    Nice change :-)