Shorts by Patrick McHale

Patrick McHale is a writer/board artist at Cartoon Network (Adventure Time, Flapjack, etc.). He’s been creating some funny little shorts and posting them on Vimeo over the past couple months. Here are my two favorites.

(Thanks, Kent Osborne)

  • Genius.

  • A Glass Half Full

    These are inventive, interesting and visually well produced little one man shorts. I like how he has played around with different techniques, styles and finishes on each of these little films. I really liked Body (2004) and Efforts (2011). There’s some really authentic and visually charming stuff in them.

    The morbid conclusions & subject matter on the other hand really taints them to an extent, the music helps ease that though, but I guess it really depends on what mood you want to be put in. I usually enjoy “darker stuff” in animation, but a lot of the mood here is more downbeat & miserable rather than thrilling or suspenseful. Other than some of the visuals, I find there’s little redeeming quality to these little stories, which makes me not as keen to want to watch them a second or third time.

    These are obviously all personal projects, so I don’t want to sound overly harsh in putting them down like this. I guess it’s just unfortunate that I can’t really connect to any of them beyond admiring some of the visuals.

    As personal work and exploration I think this stuff is great, but in a larger context it makes me understand a little bit more just why Adventure Time isn’t really my thing.

  • Yay, Pat!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    haha. This guy is great.

  • Excellent storywork, use of sound tracks and cleer sense of style. Just a little more time on the animation (so that everything isn’t exposed on fours or sixes.) I’ll look for more of his work; he’s a talent. Thanks.

  • Woah, great stuff! Especially the first one.

  • cijfer

    I like his style a lot.

  • Pat is one of my favorite people in animation. He’s a super inspirational guy to work with, and I learned one helluva lot from him. Pat is awesome.

  • David

    Woo! Pat, so fantastic. This guy used to be my roommate when we went to pre-college together. Super talented dude, keep on going!

  • jordan reichek


    wow, somebody who loves boarding in spare time. stay gold, pony-boy!

  • tonma

    the first one is really really good.

  • Cath

    More, more!

  • These are fantastic and Pat is awesome.

  • DB

    Liked them both but WOW – the graphical beauty of the first one is PHENOMENAL – sort of like Maurice Sendack but even more powerful. The only problem is is that no doubt in order to keep pace with the music it jams too many great images into too short a time – I went through it again to pause it throughout just to let the images sink in better.

  • Dr.Truth

    These are awesome! I really like “fall guy”! Love the pencil animation.

  • Way to go Pat! :)

  • Thanks fellas!

  • Love all of Pat’s work! Hope he keeps posting things :)

  • Daniel


    The choppy frame rate, and limited animation actually become part of the muscic.

    Rock on Pat!!

  • tomm

    love these – thanks!

  • Dave

    Yeah, I’m impressed (especially with the first one, which seems to have a Charles Addams influence to me) but does everything have to be morbid and creepy in amateur animation now? Maybe I’m just in a depressed mood. . .

  • Nacho

    Me too!!!!! I want to see it