“Spirit Quest Journey” by Ryan Mauskopf “Spirit Quest Journey” by Ryan Mauskopf

“Spirit Quest Journey” by Ryan Mauskopf

Ryan Mauskopf (aka “Professor Soap”) is an illustrator, animator and musician living and working in New York City, currently the lead Graphic Designer for The Onion News Network‘s online videos. Not much happens in his film, Spirit Quest Journey, but I think that’s the point. Just a bunch of aliens walking on the moon. It makes me smile without doing a thing.

  • DaveShine

    That is such a groovy thing.
    I makes you feel mellow-plus I always love watching walk cycles. I think that a walk cycle is an important part of character definition in animation. It can make or break the feeling needed.

    Well… That’s what I’ve always thought.

  • That was awesome. Thanks Professor Soap.

  • Awesome! It didn’t get boring at all. They’re all so cute, particularly the robot.

  • Jonathan Hohensee


  • I like this a lot… I just don’t think it would have been absolutely terrible to make it about half as long.

  • It reminds me of the famous Richard Williams walk cycles with an extraterrestrial twist. Nice.

  • Carol Sands

    SO relaxing!!!! Those creatures are adorable. My mouth was smiling the entire time.The art and music is amazing. I’d LOVE to see more from you. THANKS for posting.

  • Taylor

    Just an observation;

    I find humor in the positive reaction to this 5-minute walk cycle, considering how many people attack the lack of story in the french-thesis-chase sequences that run a minute or two less than this.

  • Wee! Nice and mellow. I wanna be the jumpy red one.