“Steve the Super Hero” by Jason Doll “Steve the Super Hero” by Jason Doll

“Steve the Super Hero” by Jason Doll

Manitoba-based indie animator Jason Doll makes modest little shorts between his higher paying professional gigs. His latest production, Steve the Super Hero, is a traditionally animated kid’s music video about a boy who battles Bad Guys using “only his natural stinky boy body odor powers”. It feels like a Sesame Street spot, or the opening credits for a pilot – and I mean this in a good way. Jason has just started a blog which features a few posts on the production of the video.

  • Nancy Beiman

    I really enjoyed this, and I congratulate Jason on drawing cartoons. This would not be as much fun in CGI anyway.

  • Michel Van

    Jason made great work
    i love its humor
    i just wonder who gonna be arch enermy of Steve
    Deo man or Gasmask men ?

  • Ha! This is great! It looks great and it’s funny.

    Now if only he’d called it, “Jerry: Super Hero” or maybe… “Bill: Super Hero”. I just don’t know about that “Steve” part…

  • Scott B.

    I’m not a huge fan of body function humor — and basing an entire show around that premise would wear thin quickly — but I thought the song was very clever and catchy and the animation top-drawer. I wish I could generate such quality in my “spare time.”

  • Thanks for the positive feedback!

    Just to clarify one thing on this… the song already existed and I was hired a very modest fee to do the video.

    Thanks Jerry for posting!

  • very nicely done indeed

  • This is awesomely animated, very fun, great job..!

  • Hah! That was a fun music video. I hope this guy gets more work in the future. :)

  • That was REALLY good! I love Canada…

  • I thought it was great. Great timing and fun animation!
    Congrats to you, Jason.

  • Great animation. Nice color choices. I particularly like the bit where Steve’s underarm odor forms a ghost creature. Whenever you can give arms and legs to an idea, you’re really creating.

  • That was really fun. Congrats!

  • Wonderful design and even better animation.

    Love it!

  • Amazing animation and sense of humor in all of Jason’s work. Congrats!

  • Amazing, fluid animation as always Jason! Great gags, and I love the monster’s eyeballs. There isn’t enough cartoons like this.

  • WOW! Really NICE!

    Great to see traditional, fluid animation. Great gags too.


  • That was loads of fun to watch and looks like it was loads of fun to do!
    And great to see some traditional animation

  • Paul Ullrich

    I first met Jason when we took an animation class together in 1992. He has always had a very original sense of humour and animation style. This is a great cartoon! very loose, funny and animated very well.

  • Please stop posting videos like these – they induce too much professional jealousy!

    Jokes apart – this is a great short. Usually these type of productions lack somewhere or the other. But here, the design and animation are so nuanced and you can tell there’s great talent, experience and passion all over it!

    Top notch!