Sub by Jesse Schmal Sub by Jesse Schmal

“Sub!” By Jesse Schmal

In the year 2000, Jesse Schmal created the most excellent student film Sub! while attending Rhode Island School of Design. Since then, he’s kept a relatively low profile, working on shows like Codename: Kids Next Door and Superjail!, while also pursuing other non-animation projects. The good news is that Jesse has recently been expanding his Web presence. He now has a nice portfolio site at and has posted Sub! online. Here’s to hoping we’ll see more personal work from him in the future.

  • zoe

    I remember seeing “SUB!” in a theatre as a short subject. I don’t remember what movie it preceded, but I never forgot the cartoon! About time it made it to the web.

  • Jesse Schmal is, without a doubt, one of my top five FAVORITE artists named Schmal.

    Worship him.

  • First time I saw this was on the first Avoid Eye Contact dvd back in 2006. It was one of the first films I watched during my college years.

  • christy

    such a great film! a classic! hahaha

  • siemasko

    Sub absolutely blew me away when I saw it in Ottawa. The last decade has done nothing to dull its brilliance. Thanks for posting it, Jesse!

  • Awesome. the quick timing really helps the humor and I just love the texture of the artwork.

  • Thanks for your compliments, everybody! It feels very nice to hear such kindness, despite my inability to overtake Eustace H. Schmal on Tom’s precious “list”.