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The Bakers

I’m a big fan of Kyle Baker’s comic art. In addition to his prolific work in illustration, comic books and print cartooning, he’s been self producing a series of animated sequences based on his cartoon books, The Bakers.

His previous animation translates his hand drawn style perfectly. His latest clip now combines his drawings with CGI. Check out the new look to The Bakers.

  • I like the experimentation with 2d and 3d here. It’s really interesting. Just not my kind of humor.

  • Brian D. Scott

    I went to high school in New York City with this guy! You have to ask him about one of his first efforts from way back then – Space Kazoo!

  • His work on Class of 3000 is fantastic too…

  • This guy is amazing. Loved his take on Plastic Man and just love his cartoon style period.

  • I absolutely adored Kyle Baker’s Plastic Man series — it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I’m not a huge fan of his “the Bakers” comics, because similar to Emily above me, it’s not really my kind of humour.

    That cartoon was pretty impressive though. It was a neat way of trying to combine 2D-style genuinely _funny animation_ with 3D… 3D-yness. The Kyle character’s rants about his work were my favourite part. Some of the timing seemed a bit weird in both the cutting/pacing and the actual animation, but seeing as this is very unique, innovative 3D, it’s not surprising that there are some minor kinks to be worked out.

    Overall, I really liked that. For possibly the first time since.. Toy Story??, I can honestly “I’d like to see more 3D animation like that.”

  • Kyle Baker is hands down one of the most creative writer artists working in comics and graphic novels. I’m glad to see he’s stretching out into animation as well.

    I’ll bet Mr. Baker could bring the Looney Tunes characters back to life. He’s obviously got the storytelling chops it would take to handle an assignment like that.

  • Nick

    Shoot how is it that I’ve never heard of this guy? Props Jerry!

  • Esperanza

    Do they live on the moon, cos this is kinda weightless?

  • I think Baker has acquired a new fan here :)

  • I remember my teenager years when I first came across Kyle Baker’s works for THE SHADOW comic book (written by Andre Helfer) as well as JUSTICE INC. It was awesome and had a so different drawing and storytelling style which really blew me away.

    It’s been years since I last saw some if his stuff. Well..I still prefer his comic books thought.

  • Kim

    I’m a big fan (in general) of Kyle Baker’s work and thought the animation in this clip was wonderful. Loved the blend of 3d & 2d. But, like Emily, I just don’t relate to the story here, or his series The Bakers. Seems like every cliche in the book, story-wise, but heck, I’d watch it just for the animation and artwork which looks great!

  • Fernando

    Boy, what a mess. The style looks great as a screenshot, but in motion this piece is chaotic rubbish. The physics are floaty and full of glitches and hitches, the silhouettes are poor- I dont know how anyone who considers themselves an animation aficionado could find this piece successful. And as far as story, editing, & sound are concerned, this would rank at the bottom of the class for most Freshmen in art school. When is someone going to do Kyle Baker a favour and tell him to stick to hand-drawing?

  • Man, Kyle is one busy cat. He turns around entire projects in a ridiculous amount of time, I have no idea how he does it. The imagination beggars.

    Considering how much work he does, from comics to cartoons, I’m amazed how high he keeps the quality level. This clip isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s definitely a testament to Baker’s ingenuity and industriousness. Go Kyle!