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The Battle of the Animation Bands

A Battle of Animation Studio Bands? Women In Animation International (WIA) is planning a “Battle of the Animation Bands” concert, an evening of indie music, to be held in late September in Hollywood that will feature bands created at animation, visual effects and game studios.

Bands will be selected by the Women in Animation board from CDs submitted to WIA before the deadline of Friday, September 3rd. All music genres are welcome however music with a dance-able beat is preferred. At least one member of the band must work for an animation, visual effects or game studio. The evening’s “Battle Star” will be chosen by the audience and win “a very huge, very tacky trophy”.

If you have a band, mail a CD of your work to: P.O. BOX 17706, Encino, CA 91416. Or e-mail a link to your demo to Rita Street: If you have questions concerning the event or would like to serve as a sponsor, please also contact Rita.

  • Mark McD

    Darn, from the shot of The Impossibles at the top, I thought it would be performance by bands covering the songs written for Saturday Morning cartoon shows! A Josie & the Pussycats cover band vs. an Archies cover band, with bands covering the Banana Splits, Harlem Globetrotters, the Cosby Kids and the Scooby Doo songs waiting in the wings.

    But there were no whole songs written for (Frankenstein Jr. &) the Impossibles, were there?

    • Erin T. Aardvark

      Given the fact that these were 6 minute cartoons, by the time they finished a song, the cartoon would be over. I can’t explain my reasoning very well, because it *is* kind of confusing, but I’ll give it my best. I think the powers that be *did* have complete songs for the Impossibles, because I’ve heard different points used from the songs in different episodes.

  • Stuart Buchanan

    Is it just me,
    or is Harmonix gonna be the folks
    to win this thing?

  • cliffclaven

    Oh boy, here come the Hardys.
    Oh boy, we’re having a party.
    — Hardy Boys theme song.

    I’m old enough to remember when almost every Saturday morning show had a house band. Even The Hardy Boys wedged a musical number into every hyper-condensed mystery (although Filmation’s attempts at psychedelia were sort of nifty). A generation of kids who were too young for drugs are nevertheless haunted by musical flashbacks they can never quite place.

    My heart went:
    Bang shang a-lang.
    Bang shang a-lang.
    Bang shang a-lang. Bang, bang.

  • FP

    All those TV cartoon bands sounded like the 45 RPM records that came with my sister’s “dancing Barbie”. They were the Gerber’s baby food of rock.

  • Eddie Mort

    I traded my Cintiq for a Phantom 9-String Guitar and I WANT IN

  • Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Conrwood

    They’ll never top the Impossible for their insightful, ground breaking style. Seriously, without such gritty fare as “Little Sally Ann” and “Big D at Caesar’s Place” leading the way, we’d have never had The Clash or Public Enemy!