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The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger

Attention! If you are hungry for a new Bill Plympton cartoon – or some great barbeque steak – New York’s Hill Country Barbecue Market will present the world premiere of Plympton’s latest, The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger on Tuesday March 2nd. Plympton will be there to introduce his brand-new cartoon short, along with live performances by his musical collaborators Nicole Renaud and Maureen McElheron. Everyone who comes receives a free Bill Plympton cow drawing.

When: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010, 6-8pm
Location: Hill Country Barbecue Market is located at 30 West 26th St., NY.

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  • I love it when Bill Plympton shakes up his own visual style and tries new rendering techniques – the charm in that one still alone has me incredibly excited to see more!

  • Binney

    Everyone who turns up should also get a free hamburger.

  • That darn cow is so appealing! Why would I wanna eat it?!


  • Saw this short the other day when Bill came to my uni for a talk. It was really entertaining and cool to see him trying a different style, even if it was a short. Still, amazing to think it was all drawn with a sharpie on paper about the size of a postcard. Just wish I could be in New York for that burger…

  • Holli

    They played this during the Sonoma Valley Film Festival in the shorts 2 program. We all loved it, everyone was thoroughly enamored. The music was a perfect compliment. Thank you Bill!