<em>The Match</em> by Ken Mundie <em>The Match</em> by Ken Mundie

The Match by Ken Mundie

Independent animator and producer Wendy Johnson Carmical has started a production blog dedicated to veteran animator Ken Mundie and his new traditionally animated film (still under production) called The Match.

Mundie, who is now in his eighties, directed the first Fat Albert special, created the titles for The Wild Wild West and produced a controversial Warner Bros. animated short, The Door (1967). Carmical says, “This endeavor to help Ken get his film made is inspired by a love of animation, respect for the pioneers, and regard for a really unique interesting artist.” The Match is “an animated film about an epic tennis match that represents the battle of brute force against the intellect. It will be animated entirely by Ken Mundie. We are hoping to find people interested in painting the finished animation and/or find funding.”

Below is a work-in-progress reel of the first act.

  • amid

    This looks awesome, and it’s inspiring to hear that Ken is still doing his own thing into his 80s. It would be a great project for a compositing class to tackle. A bunch of students could collaborate with a legend like Ken, and have a really cool finished showpiece in a few months.

  • robert woods

    really great.

  • I’ve already painted cels for Ken Mundie. It was back in 1968 on the original “Fat Albert Special.” (not the Filmation series, just to be clear)

    I really admire Ken Mundie. He did some amazing things during his career, and I loved the way he often broke the rules. We need more guys like him. Damn! I didn’t know he was in his eighties!

  • Wow, I have no idea what was going on, but that was exciting to watch.

    I hope they don’t lose that drawn look when the finish it up, that’s part of what makes it compelling to watch.

    Any word on how long that portion took? And how long is the whole movie?

  • Greg Duffell

    Perhaps little known is Ken Mundie’s stint with Richard Williams in London sometime around 1968 or 1969. Ken worked with an animator named Bill Hajee, who would later be Frank Thomas’ assistant on “The Rescuers”. While Mundie’s time at Williams’ studio was brief, I believe Hajee, who was Scottish, stayed for a few years.

    In 1973-74, during some weekend scrounging through film stored in Williams editing room, I found a 35mm black and white dupe of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” and an accompanying magnetic sound track. When I married the two and screened it, the music turned out to be from the musical “Hair” edited to match the “Fantasia” action and content. I recall from the notes on the film cans that this had been a project of Ken Mundie’s. I note in his new project the use of inspirational music tied to the animation.

    As for the Fat Albert special of Mundie’s, I recall it was animated with ball point pens and that Corny Cole was one of the key designers.

    • Joanne Walker

      I noticed you mentioned Hajee, my friend dated him in California back in 1977-78..I can’t seem to find any current information , do you know if he is still around?

  • Ed

    I was Ken’s animation assistant back in 1997 on a multimedia project called “Captain Claw”. Ken is a really nice guy, I love his work, he has an incredible ability to capture a gesture with very little information on the page. Sometimes there wouldn’t be more than a line or two for a key frame. This project looks good Ken, good luck on it!