<em>The Missing Key</em> <em>The Missing Key</em>

The Missing Key

One of my favorite short films of the last few years was Jonathan Nix’s Hello. Nix is currently in the midst of post-production on a new short (approx. 25 min.) called The Missing Key. From the looks of the trailer (below) the new film seems to further ideas from Hello, this time heavily influenced by Hayao Miyazaki. To learn more about Nix check his website.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Whoa! This thing had me at Venice, one of my favorite cities. I agree with you on Miyazakisan’s influence. I’m not sure what the appliance people represent, another reason to see this film, I suppose.

  • Mitch Kennedy


  • joe

    Hello was amazing, so I wouldn’t expect anything less from his new short.

  • Trevor

    Very cool. I really appreciate the recent shorts that have been posted. Keep it up!

  • chromal

    They have phonograph heads. o_O

  • Well, I’m afraid that I can’t intelligently comment on the visuals, but I really, really like the music quite a bit. Is the artist responsible for that as well? Wow, what a unique and beautiful talent–kinda reminds me of what Pink Floyd would have been had Syd Barrett had lived a full life beyond his unfortunate over-use of mind-alterers. I know that you (Jerry) don’t care to hear me pontificate about rock history, but this kind of lovely pop arrangement is my current obsession, like the XTC group’s alter-ego, the Dukes of Stratosphere. Music this good should not be forgotten, and animation should thrive as that extra creative arm for music videos. It is the one thing that would save such music videos from the drudgeries that plagued it in the early MTV music age; it is an art form that can help the musician tell a story through his or her music, an affecting story or just having fun with gravity-altering visuals. Thanks for this!

  • Thanks for posting this, Jerry, and everyone for the comments.
    The film’s music is also by Jonathan Nix, cowritten with Miles Nicholas, and performed by both of them with several other very talented musicians. The song in this teaser was produced by J.Walker of Machine Translations.
    We will probably put another sneak teaser up on YouTube and http://www.themissingkey.com fairly soon, with some very different but also incredibly catchy music, and of course more amazing visuals.

  • Wow, this is simply… magical. The combination of this film’s aesthetic with this music is so fitting and inspiring.
    I have to check out his past works now.
    Is that a combination of watercolor wrapped around cg – for example at 45 seconds in?

  • Hello.
    Thanks so much to all for your comments. I can’t tell you how much it helps propel me through the many tasks involved in bringing this film to life.
    In answer to your question Thubarbaer, it is indeed watercolor wrapped around CG. Initially, I intended to paint all the watercolor backgrounds by hand…but that initial madness has been replaced with a combination of some unique background paintings, and some where I paint the panels and it’s UV mapped to 3D objects / space by Shane Ingram who is doing all the 3D work on the film.

    A special thanks to Kevin Wollenweber, your comments on my song absolutely made my day.


  • Mike Milo

    Beautiful looking film! Yay! 2D animation is not dead!