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“The Strange Case of Dad’s Missing Head” teaser

Our friends at Headless Productions, the independent studio based in Barcelona Spain run by Adrian Garcia, Alfredo Torres, Victor Maldonado and Julien Bizat, have just made public this teaser piece created for their proposed 2D feature. The idea is fanciful, the graphics are amazing; I’d trade ten Tintin’s for one of these…

  • Amy

    The pattern under the opening logo appears to be the same as the carpet in The Shining, and in Sid’s house in Toy Story…(originally a popular Hollywood Regent pattern from the early 1930’s)

  • http://technohat.blogspot.com Chris Pepin

    WOW! That looks great! I really hope it gets produced.

  • Lib

    Tintin was also ten times better than these guys’ Nocturna, and even them would agree on that, considering how disappointed they were with their producing partners’ take on the script and storyboards.

    And with that I don’t mean to devalue Headless’ work, which is beautiful, but get ready for another well-deserved bunch of disapproving replies for criticizing a good film gratuitously, the third time in a row, even when you know that most of your commenters like it. And please publish this message. If you’re gonna go off-topic, let’s go all together.

    • J.M.

      appreciate a little humour, free press, freedom of speech, taste is taste.

  • Michel Van

    forget “Tintin and uncanny valley syndrome” !
    i wanna see this as a movie, that more FUN !!
    i hope the t Headless Productions get a deal with Sony or Pixar for this ….

  • http://aalong64.blogspot.com Aaron Long

    I pray that this gets made.

  • http://Www.cartoonsaloon.ie Tomm

    Love this . Probably we could have ten of these for the price of one tintin too.

  • DonaldC

    “I’d trade ten Tintin’s for one of these…”

    Yeah. This looks great. I loved Nocturna and would love to see more splendid animation.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Tigercat919 Michael F.

    I would love to see 2D feature animation make a comeback; this looks like an interesting idea that might draw multiple audiences.

    • KS

      I Agree, we need more 2D Animated Films nowadays. People Will Still watch Hand-Drawn Animated Films, However it seems like Movie Distributors don’t want them.

      Hope it gets a Theatrical Release in America and England

      • ctrayn

        If the distributors don’t want them, then put them on the internet and iTunes. People were willing to pay to watch Dr. Horrible, I know I would certainly pay to watch this.

  • Randy

    Funny, I actually LIKED Tintin. Go figure.
    This looks brilliant! I’ll take it.
    Can’t we have both?

  • John

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! Please, let this be made!

  • GW

    That was quite intriguing. This project really seems to have a brain behind it for a change and I hope to see it get produced. I hope the real film which had better get made has a fraction of the creative spark and clever timing in each moment.

  • ferp

    Can’t stand the lead girl’s voice. Other than that, looks brilliant. I can only hope this makes it to production.

  • Future CEO

    damn this dude REALLLy hates tintin

  • J.M.

    Is CARL BAXTER designed and named after famous animator JAMES BAXTER, muchachos?

  • http://farleftside.com Mike Stanfill

    Twenty Tintin’s.

  • http://www.tomkurzanski.com Tom Kurzanski

    The design is fantastic — just gorgeous! I’d love to see a feature version of this.

  • Randy

    I’d trade -20 Cars 2 for this!

  • http://oyetoons.deviantart.com Seni Oyewole

    I honestly can’t see why everyone here is hating the new Tintin movie so much. I saw it and, as an old-school Tintin fan, loved it. A LOT better than the latest Indiana Jones movie.
    Now, can we PLEASE come back to talking about this awesome piece of animation?

  • http://www.sneezemeaway.com Ryan G

    Wow, watching this trailer made me realise that I have many, many things to learn. Thanks for showing this off!

    Oh and btw, why the constant hate on Tintin? I thing there is room in this world for both, and an appreciation for both.

  • http://elioliart.com Some Girl

    I’d take all and anything animation, icluding this and Tintin please?

  • http://4eyedanimation.com JoeCorrao

    Love this style…great mix of 2d/3d

  • E. Nygma

    She looks a bit like Coraline to me. Thin with Blue hair is all it takes!

    I love this…I want to see it!

  • Rufus

    I loved this! I SO wanna see this made!

  • joe

    No offensive to the artists, but am I the only one who’s really sick of this Professor Layton/ Zelda Windwaker style of cartooning? I see all students doing it, all of the time (especially at Cal Arts).

    I think it’s a cool style too, but I’d like to see more original styles in animation. This looks like a million different student films I’ve seen over the years, with some stolen Pixar acting thrown in. It’s really disappointing, because obviously these artists have talent (and can draw circles around me) but it’s the same stuff over and over again.

    • http://www.punkrobot.cl antonia

      “stolen Pixar acting”?
      I would just call it good acting/animating.

      • joe

        Besides the Toy Story series, Pixar has never had good acting in their films. That’s mostly due to the characters being very undeveloped and not having any personality other than their motivations (a good example being Remy from Ratatouille).

        The way the main character talks is what I mean when I say “Pixar Acting.” It feels very unnatural to me and reminds me of a Pixar Film. Actually, another film Headless Productions did probably sells my point a bit more: http://vimeo.com/17840692. The music, the head shaking and over anticipations, and the way the characters talk to each other is straight out of the Incredibles. Don’t get me wrong, the animation is great, but it’s the same stuff again.

      • Mike

        Wait…you’re really going to criticize Pixar’s acting and character development, and then mention The Incredibles in the same post? I’m calling you out!

        Also, pray tell, what U.S. CGI film studio does these things better? If you say DreamWorks, I’m going to be sad.

  • Mike

    I really like everything about this! Going up there with Song of the Sea on my “PLEASE GET MADE” list!