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“The Trouble With Lou”

Pixar’s Teddy Newton produced and co-wrote (with director Gregor Joackim) an independent live action feature, The Trouble with Lou, in 2001. It’s NSFW, laugh-out-loud hilarious and is now on iTunes. It stars animation designer Lou Romano (Ratatouille) as “Himself”, and composer Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Up, Star Trek ) did the score. It’s almost like Pixar’s bastard step-child.

Teddy sent me these facts about he film:

1. The Trouble with Lou was shot over a 33 day period.

2. It was independently financed by Teddy Newton for the cost of $300,000.

3. The entire cast was made up of unknowns.

4. Dr. Killgore is played by cartoonist Tom Winkler.

Below is the first two and a half minutes. Download the entire feature here.

  • Doofus

    I’ve been anticipating this! Finally! It’s out! Can’t wait to see it!

  • $300,000? Yikes.

  • Yeah a Lotta money for such a short film
    THAT features Teddy newton as the narrator
    THAT features Lou Romano as the main character
    THAT is not even 3 minutes long.

    I guess it was just the treatment of the film itself,
    and the lightning, its fantastic.

  • “females of the opposite sex”


    Teddy Newton is my hero.

  • Esperanza

    Yep, it’s a wank alright…

    How old are we?

  • Jenny

    It’s one hour and 13 minutes in length, not three minutes. The entire film, that is. 300k is dirt cheap for anything of that length.

  • Tom Pope

    As much as I like Lou and Teddy and as much fine work as they have done, this really has very little to do with animation.

  • Kzanth

    Oh, Tom… considering the subject matter, and knowing as many animators as I do, I’d consider that it has EVERYTHING to do with animation.

  • Tom Pope

    Good point, Kzanth.

  • Why on earth did this cost $300,000?

  • This is totally like
    Boys Beware:

    (and sorry i didnt know it was a trailer)

  • This looks awesome! I am tempted to get it on itunes…(I assume you have to buy it).

  • Huuuge fan of Teddy Newton and Lou Romano. When you’re finished laughing you head off at this, find a way to see “the making of,” called “The Trouble With The Trouble With Lou.” It’s even funnier.

  • $300,000 isn’t dirt cheap in the age of $1000 HD cameras, 35mm adapter lenses, and After Effects. Especially for a movie that really didn’t need to be on film, I’d say they could have saved a lot of money.

  • Doofus

    I actually snorted a grape watching this. Don’t eat watching this, it’s too funny. It could be dangerous.

  • Mark Newgarden

    Teddy is a crazy man.

  • for Tommy: when they made this in 2001 there was no such thing as an HD camera for $1000.

  • After having this random error over and over again trying to buy it from iTunes (never had any trouble before) I ended up renting it on for $2.99 and watched it with a buddy.

    It was funny and well-made. I was curious how they could pull off anything longer than the preview and manage to stay true to 50’s educational films without wearing too thin. I think it worked pretty well.

    Lou did a great job in the role and there were a lot of surprisingly hilarious lines of dialog that catch you off-guard – – some that we had to re-watch a couple of times they were so funny. You could do worse with 3 bucks. I just wish there was a way to download it and burn it to dvd instead of just watching it on the computer. Damn DRM. They should get this on Netflix.

  • Yeah, I’ll be getting this at some point.

    “You see, the problem is that Lou is a chronic . . .”

  • Robocat,

    Ok, I didn’t see that it was that old, never mind!