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“Thinking Of You” by Robert Dahlem

Animation artist Harold Carr recently did the art work for this animated music video. Great track, nicely conceived and directed by Robert Dahlem for pop-punk band The Maine, for their new song Thinking of You.

  • Spencer

    What’s up with the subtitles?

    • Taylor

      My guess is that its for one or both of the following….

      1) Official “Lyric” videos are all the rage among music videos on youtube recently. Oftentimes in coexistence with another more traditional video for the track. This could be a two-birds-one-stone sort of thing.

      2) The Maine’s demographic is largely teenage girls. Teenage girls who are into pop punk are the most inclined demographic to scream along with the lyrics loudly at live shows, as well as flood facebook and twitter with the latest lyrics that are dear to their hearts. This makes it easier for the words to get stuck in their heads.