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This Thursday at Cinefamily: New CalArts Animation

This Thursday, Cinefamily (611 North Fairfax Ave, LA, CA) will present “Autarky: Frontier Animation,” a collection of 26 animated shorts from current CalArts students in both the Experimental and Character Animation programs. The trailer above shows an impressively eclectic range of student work. It will be interesting to see how students curate their own work as opposed to the school’s year-end shows. The late-night screening begins at 11:59pm and tickets can be pre-purchased HERE.


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  • RogueAlien

    my son! so proud!

  • Program Order:

    01: “Amalgam” by Jack Turpin

    02: “Dear Sky” by Jerrold Chong

    03: “Romance” by Sunny Liang

    04: “Loud Boy” by Amy Lee

    05: “ESCAPE” by Skyler Brown

    06: “Crickets” by Crystal Skye Jordan

    07: “Hey There, Second Conscious” by Tyler Russo

    08: “Procrastination” by Eben Zboch

    09: “Vanishing Jazz Band” by Jacob Sluka

    10: “Umma” by Sieun Lim

    11: “Leap of Faith” by Sydney Frank

    12: “Wood Colored Foxes” by Madeline Mathis

    13: “Bad Day” by Nicole Stafford

    14: “Dwarf Planets” by Leo Lillrank

    15: “Fruit Stand Off” by Tomas Christian

    16: “Dragons Are Assholes” by Hae-Joon Lee

    17: “S’more and Peace” by Harley Scroggins

    18: “Onion” by Erin Kim

    19: “Shadowbox” by Shawna Koski

    20: “The Light Collector” by Eric Loelius

    21: “Remnant” by Abby Magno

    22: “i met a robot at a ballet once.” by Isabela Dos Santos

    23: “UNTITLED” by Jesse Johnson

    24: “EYES BIG LOVE” by Sophia Diao

    25: “To a Lost Memory” by Skyler Brown

    26: “The Best Daughter” by Ambar Navarro