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This Week in LA: Bakshi at LACMA, Wondercon

If you live in Southern California and ever wanted to meet Ralph Bakshi, this week you have your chance – twice!

First, on Thursday night, Ralph will be appearing in person at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to introduce his 1977 fantasy Wizards, a restoration of which will be screened at 7:30pm. For tickets click here.

Second, on Saturday at 6:30pm, Bakshi will do a Q&A session in Room 207 at WonderCon in Anaheim.

For those who cannot get to the west coast, you can enjoy a new interview with Ralph on CraveOnline, in which he talks about why he doesn’t trust the company in charge of the potential DVD release of Coonskin, and gets into the history of Hey Good Lookin‘.

You can also purchase Bakshi’s 35th Anniversary edition of Wizards on blu-ray (which coincidentally goes on sale today). 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has given Cartoon Brew nine (9) copies of the blu-ray and – surprise! – the first nine of you to correctly answer (in the comments section) a simple trivia question won one. Congrats to Blu-Ray winners: Thad, Brian Mitchell, Hammed, Robert Reynolds, Jim M, B Baker, Kevin H, Ryan and Gobo! And our thanks to 20th Century-Fox Home Entertainment!


L.A. area residents only. The first two readers to correctly answer this simple trivia question will recieve two tickets to Ralph Bakshi’s screening of WIZARDS at LACMA tomorrow night at 7:30pm:

Contest Closed! Winners to be announced shortly.

  • Hameed


    Love Wizards. One of my all-time favorites.

  • Robert Reynolds

    Sean. Does this include a cookie or a light saber?

  • Sean!

  • Sean.

  • Jim M


  • B. Baker


    Bakshi’s best work.

  • Kevin H


  • I’m gonna go with Sean, Jerry.

  • Gobo

    Sean I think

  • Pinback

    Sean. Am I too late?

  • Tyler


  • Sean!

  • Doug

    His character was Sean.

  • looniINmiami


  • Brandon Lyon


  • Contest Closed! Congrats to Thad, Brian Mitchell, Hammed, Robert Reynolds, Jim M, B Baker, Kevin H, Ryan and Gobo!

  • Been a fan of Wizards (and Bakshi) ever since I watched it at my step-brother’s house WAY back in the 90s. It was a VHS recording off of Showtime, and I think I have that video somewhere.

    When the DVD came out a few years ago, I immediately grabbed it. This new release will be next on my list of must-own blu-rays.

    PS…Sean, btw! Too bad I was driving home from work ^_^;

    To the winners…enjoy the remastered goodness!…and those stinking yellow fairies.

  • I hope that someone asks Ralph about appropriating various concepts, characters and names from print cartoonists Vaughn Bodé and Wallace Wood, both of whom showed their work to him but were never paid a dime.

  • Jay Sabicer


  • beamish13

    Bakshi’s a hoot to listen to. I saw him talk in-between a double bill of FRITZ THE CAT and HEAVY TRAFFIC at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre about seven years ago, and he was very affable, but he got very defensive when asked about R. Crumb’s dislike of his FRITZ adaptation. He also went off on a funny tirade about animated films with robots in them (as ROBOTS had come out that year, and the stink of TREASURE PLANET still lingered).

  • Felix.H


  • Rob turner


  • Darkblade

    Anyone know if he’s still doing Coney Island?

  • John

    Darkblade, no.

    Would love to see the original version of Hey Good Lookin. It would be a shame if it was never found, because the animated version is pretty terrible.

  • This sounds awesome, hoping Mr. Bakshi does a few appearances/screenings to promote the new blu-ray in New York as well. :)

    (He’d surely get a packed room/venue!)