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Tony Benedict’s Online Scrapbook

Tony Benedict and Joe Barbera

Animation artist Tony Benedict (no relation to Ed) has a personal website that offers a mishmash of photos, gag drawings and ephemera from his early animation career at Disney, UPA and Hanna-Barbera. Worth a quick look.

(Thanks, Jason Groh)

  • The “Sandy” that Tony is referring to on several pages is Dalton Sandifer. The other ID’s should be fairly obvious.

  • greg m.

    Tony looked like the James Dean of Disney back then!

  • Brandon

    No kidding. I bet he dipped his pen in the ink and paint department plenty of times.

  • Mike Milo

    Wow! That was really cool to see so many personal gag drawings from HB’s earlier days and the antics behind it all. I think I would have preferred to see them sans digital comments though. Kinda breaks the thought that we’re looking at vintage artwork. Still cool though!

  • steve w.

    Worth a *quick* look? That’s much too tepid a review! I found it to be a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse at the world of early TV animation.

  • You are quite right, Mike. The captions are toast. Thanks for the tip. Tony.

  • Oh no! What happened to the links? The pictures and Quicktime movies seem to be gone :(