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“Toy Story 3” Director Lee Unkrich on “Win, Lose or Draw”

Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich promised to post an embarrassing old video when he reached 100k followers on his Twitter account. He reached that number yesterday, and the embarrassing video is this appearance on the Eighties game show Win, Lose or Draw. Unkrich prefaced the video with three facts:

1) I was 20 years old
2) I was plump
3) I was coerced into buying that sweater by the show’s producers

Fun question of the day: What other animation artists, besides Unkrich and Ward Kimball, have appeared on game shows? Please share if you know.

  • snip2354

    Not too embarrassing. Embarrassing to me means forgetting to wear a belt to work, and having your pants drop down in front of a stadium audience. This video looks fun though, and while he’s clearly not as thin as he is today, he’s not awful.

    “Hoping to study film? Hope it works out for you” lol. :P

  • Sam

    I believe Eric Goldberg has appeared in one.

  • While watching that video I feel like I’m having a stroke. Are people saying things that make any sense? What is going on here?

  • Oh man, this is embarrassing to watch. All the bad jokes and all, hahaha.

  • You could always go for the obvious one… Walt Disney.

  • Luke

    William Hanna and Joe Barbera appeared on a game show in the early seventies, give me a moment and I’ll find it.

  • Toonio

    If this doesn’t prove anyone can draw with enough practice I don’t know what would.

    • JD

      But Lee isn’t an animator, he’s an editor from the beginning at Pixar.

  • Luke

    Here it is


    Its actually just william hanna apparently

    • uncle wayne

      Ohhhhhhhhhh, LUKE! As a vivid youtuber, (esPECially of old game shows….this one and “What’s My L?”), this was a TRUE Joy! It’s the only time, in my 57 years of life, where we actually KNEW who that person was before identification. Grrrreat! Thank YOO!

      • Luke


        K thanks. I said that to correct myself from my earlier coment where I said William AND Joe. Heh heh.

  • Chris Sobieniak


    Still, nice to be reminded this was the best the 80’s gave us for quick-drawing action!

  • Christopher Cook

    Bill Hanna was on a circa-1974 episode of “To Tell The Truth.”

  • Jen

    Butch Hartman (Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom) appeared on several game shows in the 80s along with an acting gig on Growing Pains and various soap operas.

    He’s got Lee Unkrich and Ward Kimbell beat by a mile.

  • Jenny Lerew

    Joey Banaszkiewicz(Beany & Cecil, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs & a lot of Disney TV shows) was also on “Win Lose or Draw”…with, I think, Dom Deluise?
    He brought a tape of his then-recent appearance into Bob Winquist’s class at Calarts circa 1987 & we all watched it. I have dim memories of some grouchy fellow contestant(Burt Reynolds?) complaining on air that Joey had an unfair advantage as he was a “cartoonist”. Show of hands-anyone else recall that?

  • Paul N

    Not an animation artist, but historian Jim Korkis has appeared on several game shows. Won a Cadillac on one, if memory serves correctly.

  • jordan reichek

    i like that lee is the meat between a little enos/big enos burdette sandmich!

    bert convy, paul williams & pat mc cormick…that’s a lot of good 80s cholesterol there!

  • Law

    radical! I really enjoyed this :)

  • Jay Sabicer

    Walt Disney was a mystery guest on “What’s My Line” in 1956.

    • Mike

      We must’ve posted the same link at (nearly) the same time. Cheers for great minds thinking alike! :)

  • I lost on Bumper Stumpers, a global/USA show in the late 80’s. My partner was a drummer for a punk band. There was a nice surreal moment as the cartoonist, the drummer and the game show host stood there realizing that they had three strange jobs…

  • Mike

    Here’s Walt Disney on “What’s My Line” in 1956:


  • I was on a game show in 1998…VH1’s “My Generation,” similar in tone to the 1969 show “The Generation Gap.”

    “MG” was a rock ‘n’ roll music trivia show. My partner and I ended up winning the whole enchilada that day…

  • reza

    ive been watching win, lose, draw all day because of this, so funny, haha!

  • I remember animation artist, Emily Kong doing quite well on a game show. I think she earned a fair amount of money as well.

  • Bud

    Walt was on a few game shows. Walt Disney, that is. SORT of…


  • MissConception

    Oh my gosh, I was getting so excited! I was yelling, “Go Lee!” He was awesome even back then!

  • David Silverman was on a game show many years ago, and if I recall correctly, it was To Tell the Truth.

  • Ken Cope

    If you count Salvador Dali as an animator (Un Chien Andalou? Destino?) he also appeared on What’s My Line.

  • amid

    Great suggestions, everyone! Really fun to read about all the animation folk who have appeared on game shows. Now let’s get those clips onto YouTube ;)

  • Mark

    Clarence Ducky Nash was on What’s My Line in 1954

    and here’s Hans Conried on the short-lived game show The Name’s the Same in 1955

    June Foray was on an episode of Truth or Consequences in 1974, according to imdb.

    • Jim Korkis

      While I was never an animator, I was an animation instructor at the Disney Institute in Florida for several years and also taught interns animation history and improvisation for animators at Disney Feature Animation Florida. I’ve also written about animation for decades. I won on THE GONG SHOW (with my brother as singing/dancing hunchbacks The Quasimodo Belairs), lost on THE DATING GAME (competing against my two brothers), was on THE FAMILY FEUD (with my dad and brothers), won a Cadillac on a short lived game show called CAMOUFLAGE but most importantly for an animation website I was in a pilot for a game show filmed at Filmation that included original animation called ORIGINS produced by Chuck Barris’ company but since it never sold I never got $10,000 even though I won. The premise was the origin of words and phrases and the animated segments gave two misleading and one accurate hint. Jim Korkis

  • Lucius B

    Disney storyboard artist Sharon Forward was on a game show once. I dare anybody to find it!

  • My old buddy and sometime animator Overton Loyd (www.overvision.com) did the celebrity caricatures for the show and was even named at the start of this clip, unfortunately those drawings were edited from this clip.

  • MGH

    Woolie Reitherman was on the 70s version of Juvenile Jury.

  • anonymasses

    i dont think that lady was drawing a gun…………..

    @[email protected]

    • Luke

      Yeah, several of the kids at my high school draw that particular “gun” all over the bathroom walls, and find it hilarious.

  • Charles Keagle

    I was on Wheel of Fortune back in the early ’90s. A certain generation of Cal Arts, Ferngully and Pixar artists may remember the episode….

    • Paul N

      Must…find…video… :0)

  • Bud

    I think Butch Hartman (Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom) was on a few game shows. I can’t remember which ones though.

  • Joe Heffernan

    Chuck Jones was on the second episode of To Tell the Truth from the 1980-1981 run.

  • Don’t you all see what *this* really is??

    It’s the birth of A Bug’s Life! :-D

  • Keith Paynter

    All that keeps popping in my head (because he wrote it on the paper) is the word “Buttfly”…

  • greg m.

    Yeah, ole’ butchie boy was on all of the shows Jen mentioned – Nelson Reilly was very taken with him on one show and whined about how he wanted HIS name to be Butch (I think even switching nametags with him at one point!).