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“Twelve/Twelve/Twelve” by Jonatan Schwenk

This short, bizarre sequence about a fish in a train is the somewhat-NSFW opener for a local “doomsday” film festival in Germany. Jonatan Schwenk (we previously posted his Maison Sonore) created Twelve/Twelve/Twelve (EINUNDZWANZIG ZWöLF ZWöLF), to promote the annual festival which takes place on the longest night of the year – this year on Friday December 21st – at the College of Art and Design in Offenbach.

The animation is a convincing mixture of stop-motion, 2D-animated parts and live action footage. Schwenk writes:

“I used Dragon Stop Motion for the frame-by-frame-animation of the characters. Textures and extremities were drawn frame by frame or animated with the Duik tool in After Effects. I used Mocha to track the footage which I shot with a Canon EOS 7D. I spent a lot of time to customize the lighting of the stopmotion sets so that the fish would really fit into the train footage.”

Check out this great little behind-the-scences video:

  • GhaleonQ

    I didn’t know that I wanted to see a fish with a long tongue eat copulating flies, but here we are. I learned something new about myself.

  • That was amazing. LOVED the making of!

  • Okay – so the behind-the-scenes film showed the HOW – but I’m still no wiser as to the WHY …