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Weekend Inspiration

As we head into the long holiday weekend, I thought it’d be nice to take a moment and share some inspiring images I’ve run across this week. Most of the artists represented below work in animation, though a couple work in consumer products at Disney.

Lou Romano

Lou Romano offers a sneak peak from a personal animated short he’s currently working on that’s based on the poem “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe.

Will Finn

Quick sketches by Will Finn of his two young sons.

Sam Michlap

Four superb gouache paintings of LA scenery by Sam Michlap.

Stephane Kardos

Stephane Kardos is sketching on his iPhone(!) here and here.

Luc Desmarchelier

Great production and development artwork throughout Luc Desmarchelier’s blog (make sure to browse the archives). He even makes films like Road to El Dorado and Spirit look enticing which is no cakewalk.

Matt Cruickshank

This piece by Matt Cruickshank is one of the single best pieces of stylized illustration I’ve seen in a long time. The inventiveness and playfulness is matched only by the sophistication of color, pattern and composition. Certain parts of it remind me of Stuart Davis too.

Mike Lee
I don’t think there’s any animation fan left online who’s not aware of the Totoro Forest Project taking place next month at Pixar and the Cartoon Art Museum, but I have to link to the project’s blog, which is filled with quality work like the piece above by Mike Lee.

  • These are examples of what has become so exciting about the animation medium in recent years. New techniques make the vision of pioneers such as Winsor McCay to have animation become a “moving painting” possible, further legitimizing animation as an “art form’.

  • Beautiful art all-round! You should do a post like this every week, Amid, so people get more inspired!

  • Thank you! I feel ready to get the hell out there this weekend and make things! Perfect!!

  • With the notable exception of Lou Romano, I would hope to see more art like this up on the big screen.

    Most animated movies fail to live up to the artistic vision of their own preproduction.

  • Rat

    “He even makes films like Road to El Dorado and Spirit look enticing which is no cakewalk.”

    WHEW!!! For a moment I thought we’d get all the way through an Amid post without a dig at someone.

  • Robert Schaad

    The Matt Cruickshank piece is very cool. Nice to hear a comparison to Stuart Davis…didn’t he work for UPA?

  • sharkcellar

    I love Lou Romano’s work. I check his site daily.

    Stuart Davis is one of my all time heroes along with Thomas Hart Benton.

  • wonderful choices … I love Lou’s studies for this short of his … amazing …

    I’d like to also point out that we have just enabled ONLINE BIDDING for the Totoro Forest Auction. So even if you can’t attend the event, you can still have a chance at getting one of the 206 pieces up for auction … and all the while helping this wonderful cause!

    Lastly, we still have tickets to the event available, hope to see some of you there !



  • Brian D. Scott

    Sam’s stuff is just plain phenomenal to me! I would love the Books picture hanging on one of the walls in my home!

  • Matt Cruickshank

    I’m honored to be in such company.Many thanks.