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Weekend Reading: Nick Cross Interview

Waif of Persephone

Ottawa-based animator/director dynamo Nick Cross talks to Chris Robinson about his career in this article in Guerilla magazine. He explains why he chooses to work from home instead of animation studios (“Every time you go into a studio, it just feels like, ugh.”), and why he jumps back and forth between industry gigs and creating his own independent films (“I just have to do something of my own. I get more satisfaction just doing short films… Maybe it’s really arrogant, something like that, ’cause I just like doing my own things and having my control of things. I just do it to please myself, you know.”)

Nick’s latest film, Waif of Perspephone, which has the distinction of being labeled “an interminable twelve and a half minutes of pseudo-Kricfalusi ugliness” by Michael Barrier, can be purchased on dvd here.

  • eddie

    michael barrier can’t draw. he wants to fit in, and be different.

    poor michael.

  • Dustin

    It looks very much like a John K production piece.

    He needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with his own distinct style.

  • Michael Barrier can be kind of an idiot, but what I’ve seen of Waif did kind of look like someone other than Kricfalusi was bothering to recycle the same tired shtick about ten years after it should have been put to rest. Other than that he seems very talented though and good on him for keeping the indie animation thing going.

  • purin

    When I look at this and certain John K things I keep being reminded of that interview with the makers of Out of Jimmy’s Head in which they say it’s more “animation-y.” I look at the work and I don’t see a cartoon, but rather a blaring statement of “Look! LOOK at how animation-y my animation is! This is animation at its most animation-y, to which all other attempts are inferior!” It leaves me watching the animation very closely, but not feeling all that happy about it. Well, this clip probably isn’t the best representative of it, and I do want to see the rest of it, but I guess I don’t want to enough.

    That being said, I’m all for animators doing their own stuff and having the ability to put out stuff in this way. It’s great that he’s able to self produce like this.

  • John K. is not god, why everyone gets mad when someone do a cartoon that looks like John K.s style?
    Even when it really would looks like a John K. cartoon, why the people can’t enjoy it as a cartoon?

    John K. is inspired by styles from classic cartoons and put it together. It’s not wrong to be inspired by other artists, it’s actually the reason why you start to draw, but when I look at John’s style and Nick’s – I can see a difference, to me
    it’s two different styles! And Nick’s style is GREAT!

    I like Nick’s Cartoon! And you see lots of Nick’s style in the new Ren & Stimpies! He is a talented and hard working person, and his cartoons are full of life, fun and exciting to watch!

    Ps: Sorry for my bad english!

  • First of all- Nick Cross worked on most of the John K. productions it’s being compared to, so it’s HIS OWN work in the first place, you can’t rip off your own style! Hmmmmmm- Barrier didn’t point that out…but then he hates John K. and his body of work, taking any chance he has to rip away at the K.-man. Reminds me of the 24 hour boycott of Barrier after his harsh words against John K. and Steve Worth the weekend that Bigshot got the ASIFA award. Barrier trumpetted the boycott as a badge of honor, claiming it was still ongoing weeks later, in an attempt to get sympathetic fans to buy his dust-gathering collection of books from Amazon.com. I encourage everybody to pick up a copy of “Waif”, it’s great, and encourages more selfproductions by animators everywhere.

  • Zee

    I bought the DVD months ago, and absolutely love it. I encourage others to plop down the cash and buy it too. Enough of this bull shit bickering about styles. Just enjoy a great independent film by a very talented hard working guy. We should all support animators that make their own films. And totally agree that the only way to keep happy and sane, is work on your own projects when ever you can. I know I have never been happy with the studio projects I have worked on.

  • Junior

    i don’t think it looks that much like John K’s stuff. It has similarities, but Cross’s stuff is so much wonkier. Deliciously wonkier, if you ask me. I think he’s great. Mike Barrier has an awful taste anyway.