Will Finn animates Gilbert Gottfried Will Finn animates Gilbert Gottfried

Will Finn animates Gilbert Gottfried

I like Will Finn and I like Gilbert Gottfried. Thus, I love this 20-second NSFW clip Finn posted on Funny or Die:

  • Dee

    I heard that joke in the fourth grade. That was in 1984.

  • That was kind of the idea of Gilbert’s Dirty Joke album, Dee, but thanks for that little dose of snark.
    Well done Mr. Finn!!!
    Will!!! Animate Gilbert as Dracula!!!!Pleeeeeaaaase!!!!!

  • See? Adult cartoons don’t need to be ugly (well, poop aside)! This is a really cool exercise, animating to comedians. Kinda like that “Shorty Watching Shorties” series. Someone should do some Patton Oswalt with him as Remy! :)

  • Huh, and coincidentally enough – Will Finn animated Iago the parrot in “Aladdin” also voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.

  • I thought this was going to be a Charmin joke.

  • udx


    I’d like to see you animate the Death or Ugu one that Gilbert did.

  • While we’re on the subject of animating to things, I really enjoy Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier’s “SModimations” – short cartoons of clips from Smith’s SModcast/podcast. Animated by Steve Stark. The podcast alone is non-stop hilarity and Smith has an extremely infectious laugh. The cartoons are just another layer of icing on the already delicious SModcast cake.

  • 2011 Baby

    lol Cheap laugh is good.

    Reminds me too much of The Ricky Gervais Show though.

  • The one time I got to see Gilbert’s act he was not that animated. He kept his eyes closed for most of the show and leaned against the mic stand. Damn funny though!

  • Did you say you like Gilbert Gottfried?

  • tito

    I saw eddie Murphy do this joke in either Delirious or Raw on VHS in 1992. By then I thought it was an old enough joke that I could repeat it at school and no one would know where it came from. I was right. I still crack up everytime to this day.

  • Trevor

    LOL that was funny. But i wonder is he the voice actor from Iago the Parrot from Alladin? Sounds like it.

    • I believe he is. Funny work on this clip.

  • Hilly

    It would be just as curious animating a series called “Studio Heads Talk Filthy” but then Mr. Finn would be found in the trunk of a Bentley.

  • Just to be clear–Gilbert posted this himself on his account at Funny or Die. He has other live videos on there and his own dedicated YouTube channel. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and the possibility of a cartoon project has often come up. Finally last Saturday I just decided to see what I could do in one day as a quick test and sent it over to get a reaction. Happily, he liked & posted it. We’ll look at doing more as time permits. He never fails to make me laugh.

    Thanks Cartoon Brew!

  • Great job on Gottfried Will!