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“After School Midnighters” trailer

In today’s installment of “Animation WTF?”, I hereby submit this trailer for After School Midnighters (Hôkago middonaitâzu) by artist/animator Hitoshi Takekiyo. The official synopsis reads…

“The main character ‘Kynst Lijk’ is a human body model that stands in a science room of an elementary school. Kynst Lijk also reigns over the school after midnight. One day, when a naughty kindergarden trio accidentally meets him, his ordinary life changes. The scariest and craziest after midnight adventure begins…”

Around the same time we’ll be watching Brave, Ice Age: Continental Drift and ParaNorman, this film will be opening in Tokyo theaters:

  • sasha

    might be the first time i have seen a japanese… anything not in anime style.

    • Josh

      Depending on what you mean by “anime style”, this could be mostly reflective of a real lack of exposure to a wider breadth of Japanese animation. The market for the stuff in the US now is dominated by a very limited selection. This is partially because the supply of domestically licensed anime in the US is controlled largely by Funimation, which itself feeds off a market largely controlled by the child-oriented Shonen Jump. There is a good deal more variation in stuff which targets adults, and the history of Japanese animation contains many examples of different styles.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Pretty much how it has been for quite some time now.

    • Try watching the Genius Party movies. They’re an anthology of shorts by Japanese animators and most of them look nothing like what most people consider anime.

  • Goddamn this looks great.

    • Alberto


  • Are they allowed to do that?

  • B.Richards

    Looks like the Republicans have put their stamp on it. Nice.

    • That’s hilarious (^_^). I didn’t notice that until the second time I watched it.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    This sounds very much like a situation in the manga/anime series “Haunted Junction,” set in a haunted high school. In that series, Bones Suzuki (skeleton) and Haruo Sato (visible man) play a small role as a kind of vaudeville comedy team. This would appear to be a film based on the concept and not a direct spin-off from the series. Looks like it could be cute, even though the trio of girls makes me think of “Despicable Me.”

  • JM Walter


  • Tim

    I feel like I just took a 1 minute trip on LSD. Crazy! I had a ‘watership down’ flashback when I saw the rabbits.

  • Dancing! More dancing!

    Plus, the phrase “human body model” always confuses me for ten or fifteen seconds before I realize were referring to an inanimate object.

  • Chuck DEEZY

    I have no idea what I just watched…

  • Liesje

    That looks effing AMAZING!!!!

  • andrew N.

    Then again, we can guess pretty much the plot of Brave, Ice Age and most of animation features from the big north-american companies.

    This thing is certainly unique, even for Anime standard