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Anime Guy goes on a Date

  • Anton Statsny

    Not a single nosebleed? Are they even watching anime?

    • NC

      THANK YOU! I was thinking about that the whole time.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      No sex-crazed anime madness isn’t complete without ’em!


    Fanboys DON’T DATE!

    Thought you could pull a fast one on us, didn’t you? HA!

    • nnc

      not anime fan, he’s part anime, as in HE IS PART CARTOON

  • Hulk

    ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ was basically this same stuff for 2 hours.

    • NC

      Dude you should really see Scott Pilgrim it was a really good movie, I definitely wouldn’t compare the two. For starters this didn’t have a random and hilarious Seinfeld parody.

      • Hulk

        Let me clarify what I meant. Scott Pilgrim was my favorite movie of the summer. It just seemed similar to this in style. That’s all. Maybe if I’d added “But Scott Pilgrim did it much better”, you nerds would get off my back. In fact I would have but Aaron Long beat me to it. See below. Now go take a cold shower guys.

      • NC

        Why is it that people who get thoroughly whooped on forums resort to using hypocritical derogatory terms? Yes we’re the nerds, “Hulk”. Not our fault you didn’t think before speaking.

  • I thought the Scott Pilgrim movie did this stuff better.

    • Michael F.

      I agree but Scott Pilgrim didn’t have any silly looking cartoon critters.

      • TheVok

        It totally should have, though. Ramona’s cat (also named Gideon) was sorely missed.

  • Justin M. Durden

    This is hilarious on so many levels.

  • I’m more confused by what’s going on with the kneecaps on his pants??

    • Tom Moore

      They are anime pants, Jessica. That’s why the kneecaps are like that.

      • I’m guessing they’re padded for all the Reactionary Anime Fainting ™.

  • Pickup Truck

    Well, that was surely annoying.

  • holyduck

    Who’s Anime Guy?

  • Sweet. I don’t know if it was clever, but I laughed.

  • Surprisingly funny. Plus the girls were hot.

  • McDoogle

    Chill out alligator_drummer. You didn’t find it funny, we get it. I happen to be a watcher of Anime and I found it funny. You have to take it in context! It was simply expressing certain stereotypes that are perceived in the west of Anime in a humorous video. It’s not like it was trying to be serious.

  • Uh… yeah… You guys take this stuff waaaaaaay too seriously…

    But then again, you guys don’t date much.

  • WOW. That was terrifying. Pretty clever though.

  • Josef

    I wish I could understand what Chib-chub said. It must have been hilarious!

  • uncle wayne

    Jeeez! The girl was GORgeous!!!

  • david

    i just like reading gator drummers comments

    • agreed

      His comments are a complete and utter affront to my sense of human dignity, shudderingly godawful and may be a serious contender for the worst filth I have ever layed eyes on.

      In other words I think his comments are GREAT

  • Timanim

    Has anyone else grown tired of this cheap gag? Making fun of/referencing anime has been done so much since pokemon started airing in the US. The embarassing thing is, is that it doesn’t even feel like the writers of these bits are even doing enough research. They’re just throwing in random bits of whatever they know to get a reaction. It’s not working for me.

    • Bill

      Angry Beavers lampooned it back in the mid-90’s, I think that was good enough.

  • MRoig

    I’ve seen my fair share of anime over time and realise full well how much the genre relies on cliches. It should be easy to satirise and ought to be satirised.

    But somehow these guys got it all wrong. They’re satirising what they think anime is like, not what it actually is like.

    It’s like grabbing a violin, making a few screeching noises and calling it a satire on classical music.

    • Su

      I couldn’t really said it better myself. I usually don’t like it when the West tries to make fun or satire Anime because usually it just shallow stereotypes but I wanted to give this video a chance. I mean it was alright but everything you said was exactly how I felt while watching. Like, it was nice to watch the effects but that’s all there was, no meaning behind their jokes that made if funny to me but I guess that just me.

      Ironically enough, the Anime fans who sits in front of the computer watching Anime all day, spend most of their year creating their costume for the next Anime Convention, the ones who apparently “don’t date much” pulls of decent Anime satire. Probably because they were willing to spend the time and respect to do research or whatever.

  • Tim Douglas

    I LOVE anime! Therefore I HATE this!

    I don’t want to bash CH, I watch it alot. But this is just insulting. Making jokes about anime is fine, but do some research, know what you’re talking about even a little bit.

    There’s so little anime on the brew* and now THIS post is a part of it…sigh.


  • Was my face red

    Exactly what kind of college is this humour supposed to come from? Their courses seem to be extremely sketchy and ill informed.

  • i was expecting to see anime kids on a date…but i don’t need to see that, i did go to college at RIT after all…

  • Bill

    Problem one: This “anime guy” has a nose, if hes going to parody anime he needs to block them nostrils and get rid of his facial hair! Hardly any lead anime characters have favial hair.

    Problem 2: If they’re parodying anime whats with the stock modern cinema camera angles and lighting?

    Problem 3: Did they look up anything to find common cliches or did they just watch spme random anime and get their stuff from that?

    Praise one: That blue face and sigh-ing is something I see in alot of newer anime, atleast they got that right.

    Problem 4: I’m all for lampooning anything modern, but we cant even get that right, I didnt laugh at this.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Looks JUST like typical anime to me. I don’t know what you guys are complaining about.

  • Apart from the fact that there are no panty shots (I think?) and no nosebleed I thought this was a perfect Anime parody. Especially the school girl impersonation was spot on.
    I have no idea why SOME GUYS get so worked up about this. Just face it already, most Anime shows you watch are garbage just like this, it has no substance, it’s totally random, it has bad acting and most of the time it’s just there for the fan service (omg hot anime gurrls)
    And I can say that because I’ve watched a lot of crap in my OTAKU days.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      *sigh* We all did.

  • Whofan

    Why are all anime posts on CB troll posts? You are insulting the Japanese.


    Here’s one I recommend about two fanboys having an argument over an anime with a roughly similar approach.