<em>Cat Shit One</em> <em>Cat Shit One</em>

Cat Shit One

This trailer, created by Studio Anima, is for a proposed anime series called Cat Shit One. It’s based on a manga by Motofumi Kobayashi, released in the U.S. as Apocalypse Meow.

(Thanks, Sandra Khoo)

  • Steve Gattuso

    Interesting. The original series (which I have the translated books of) took place in Vietnam, but this version is obviously meant to move the series to the Middle East.

    The animation is fair, but it still has that “Final Fantasy” look to it. Like a cut scene from a video game. It’ll have to be a success in Japan, because there’s no way in hell they’re going to stick it on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. I would like to see them go back to the original series, as well, but we shall see how that goes.

  • Cripes! This makes Watership Down look like Thumper’s Family Reunion. Will probably become one super-bitchen’ video game, though.

  • Rodrigo

    So . . . where can one pre-order tickets?

  • disturbingly well done.
    something making me feel very uncomfortable combining the very realistic movement of killings with the very appealing and cute designs of these characters.
    Obviously created for that very reason.
    Well done and I do hope they get success with the adult audience that will be attracted to the product.

    Think I’ll stay away though and imho, kids should keep a distance as well.

  • Angry Anim


    Coincidentally, I just watched the new Astro Boy trailer before this. What a contrast.

  • Andrew

    What the?

  • FP

    Itchy and Scratchy: The Ultimate Edition. or Happy Tree Friends In Dimension 3

    The trailer is beautiful.

  • Reis

    That’s the best thing I’ve seen all morning. I’d certainly watch that as a series.

  • Anonymous


    whatever floats your boat!

  • PJ

    I’d like to echo Rodrigo. I would gladly wait in a very, very long line to see this.

    On another note, I can’t decide which name I like more: Cat Shit One or Apocalypse Meow.

  • The original manga is well worth chasing up and reading. It recasts races as different species of animals, while telling serious Vietnam war stories much like ‘Maus’.

  • Joe

    I wish that they would have gotten more creative with the design and not rely so heavily on Mo-Cap. It looked like people running around in costumes instead of animals. I haven’t read the manga, but I would suspect you would enjoy the style more then this.

    My plea to all the studios big and small; Step outside of the box a little with both character & background design and stop animating in photorealism. It doesn’t show the creativity of the artist, just the power of your rendering engine.

  • Bill Field

    This is CLEARLY a sequel to the Harmon/Ising classic- Peace On Earth! They Should consider renaming it “PEACE ON EARTH II” with the tagline: “After The Meek Inherit The Earth – IT’S THEIR TIME TO KICK IT’S ASS!”

  • justin rasch

    Mo-caped bunny rabbits!!?? Ha!… thats some weird (but really well done) production.

  • I think this would make George Orwell giggle.

  • Victor

    It is like “Watership Down” but on CRACK! I love the juxtaposition of cute animals and Hyper real violence.

  • paul

    i would love to see what a master toy deal for this series looks like. Plush with guns!?

  • Paul N

    At first I thought “maybe they misread it and it’s ‘Cats Hit One.'” Then I saw the logo…

  • Paul K.

    I’ve read the comics and like Steve Gattuso said, it was originally based in Vietnam– so I’m somewhat on the fence with the Middle East setting. I guess they’re trying to be topical, which is always a risky hit-or-miss territory (good for them). So as long as they keep the overall moral “War is terrible and no one really survives it” than count me in.

    Anyway, Joe, the series is mostly rooted in gun-enthusiast (borderline firearm fetishist) war anecdote category, so there’s a high amount of realism besides the anthropomorphic rabbits, cats, monkeys and such.

  • vzky


    is this a serious work and not satire?

    Looks cool anyway.

  • Steve Gattuso

    If you go to YouTube and look at the comments, you’ll find that the series takes the three main characters (Perky, Rats, and Bota) and changes them from U.S. soldiers to private contractors. Mercenaries.

    I wonder if the company they work for is named Black Paw-der…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Definitely the kind of film that will appeal greatly to the emerging military fur otaku out there!

  • Nick

    I swear, I do not get anime. Is the plot suppose to be humorous? If not this seems to be in pretty bad taste. Seriously, I have no idea how I’m suppose to feel. If they’re trying for the whole Maus thing they should tone down the cutesy.

  • del

    Iraqis as camels… a little bit racist?!

  • Scott

    I’m not sure why but I find it pretty disturbing. Maybe because (as one reader said) it looks like people in animal costumes running around. Or they just re-shot “Three Kings” with animal CG. Either way, it’s a jarring juxtaposition.

  • Inkan1969

    Reminds me a lot of the many war themed furry comics out there. Like “Erma Felna” and “Stossstrup”.

  • Not, is not supposed to be humorous. if you go the link in the post, you could read then first volume of the manga. Is more like “tour of duty” the TV series, but with animals. Is the same realism, but with animals. I know that could touch a nerve here, and changing it to a Eastern Scenario is not going to help it, but is a interesting proposition, and I could see it.

  • Steve Gattuso

    “Iraqis as camels… a little bit racist?!”

    Could be worse. The French are pigs, the Koreans dogs, and the Japanese are monkeys and gorillas.

  • Rick

    Well if it’s supposed to be serious, it’s not working for me. Cute fuzzy rabbits with human guns & hardware? How could you take it seriously. Other than that I do like the look of it. I think it would work better as a “Planet of the Apes” scenario.

  • Holy shit….
    Thats all kindsa strangeness there.

  • Bill Field

    Add a long haired teen-ager with cut-offs and boots and- Presto- You’ve got Kamandi!
    Whom, by the way, gets animated (finally) on the new Brave n Bold series

  • I watched it with the sound off, so maybe I’m missing something here but:

    A) This is not Maus, and comparisons to the work are ridiculous and shallow. Maus was a sober look at the holocaust and the toll it takes on a father and son’s relationship. This looks like some weird cutesy-violent action story.

    B) I’m pretty sure depicting the Iraqis as camels is racist, and saying it could be worse doesn’t really help matters.

    Takes for posting the trailer, but I’ll pass on paying to see this Cat Shit.

  • TheGunheart

    Watch it with the sound on. The character voices are hardly “cute”.

    Also, I can forgive the use of motion capture for the simple fact that this is a TV series, so a little cost-cutting can be expected. Plus, judging from the art I’ve seen of the manga, it looks like they’re supposed to move like that anyway.

    Either way, it’s probably the best TV CGI I’ve ever seen, especially since it came out of Japan.

  • 1.) This is actually based on the sequel to the original Cat Shit One manga, called Cat Shit One ’80. It hasn’t been released in English translation, but basically the gist of the story is that the bun-buns from the original Manga are now Mercs in the middle of the war between the Soviet-backed Republic of Afghanistan and the Mujahedin rebellion. Note that the be-turbaned Afghani camels are both fighting alongside the American bunnies and against them.

    2.) However, the crawl suggests that this is taking place in 1991, (the only thing I could make out was the numbers) which would suggest the Gulf War. Which would make the camels generic Arab (Iraqi and Kuwaiti) and the fighting would be taking place in Iraq and Kuwait. Funny thing: it looks more like Afghanistan than Iraq. So I’m officially confuzzled now. Anyone read Japanese well enough to follow that crawl?

    3.) The animation definitely pwns most CGI I’ve seen out of anywhere but Pixar, Dreamworks, or Sony. (Of the latter, I speak only of Surf’s Up…they have slipped since then.) It particularly shames Lucasfilm and their game cutscene quality Clone Wars series. This was done on a shoestring, and they are looking for funding and partners. Comedy Central? Adult Swim? That white courtesy phone is for you…

  • wmmorgan

    ROTFLMAO !!!

  • lisa

    Metal Gear Solid meets cute animals killing each other off with deadly weapons

  • Italo

    Sorry to bring back such an old post. I just watched the 1st episode (released last July 17) and although I liked it as a whole I was quite disappointed by the removal of blood. Also, while watching I felt like something was wrong then when the credits rolled I figured why. They freaking used motion capture for all the animation. >=( C’mon man…that’s cheating. What you think?

  • juan alfonso

    I like how it’s very typical “samurai” action.Two lone “ronin” bunnies take on an outrageously impossible amount of enemies to rescue two hostages.The only difference is the (fairly late)air support.