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Craig McCracken’s Tezuka Tribute

McCracken and Tezuka

‘Milton Glaser v. Magma Taishi’ is Craig McCracken’s tribute to Osamu Tezuka and graphic designer Milton Glaser, who created the Sixties poster of Bob Dylan upon which this image is based. It’s available as a print and T-shirt during the month of February at

  • Chris D.

    Who just picked up one? I did. Especially since it is limited to 100 for the month.

  • AdrianC

    I wouldn’t have guess McCracken did this. Anyway, this is a clean, graphic image. I think I like it more than its source of inspiration (the Bob Dylan poster). I almost want this in print or T-shirt form—-almost.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    In case some people might not to know who this guy is up here. It’s Magma Taishi (or “Ambassador Magma”). Probably best known to some as Goldar in the English version of the live action “The Space Giants” TV series.

  • Ambassador Magma is my personal favorite Tezuka character. So it’s fitting that Craig McCracken picked out Magma for his tribute!

  • Ess, Oh, Ess! Ess, Oh, Ess!

    I’m in for a shirt!

  • Rheinhard

    I just got the shirt/print set! Though I would personally have preferred Goa (aka Rodak) to Magma (Goldar), but that’s just me…

  • Andrew gothicson

    This would make an interesting shirt!

  • Rheinhard

    Well I lied in my comment above! I *ordered* the shirt/print set, but got 2 of their posters of Sid Vicious with Nancy Reagan! I have sent a message to their contact page but as yet havent’ heard anything back. If I don’t hear anything by the weekend, I’ll have to consider some other action.

    Of course considering that this post has now scrolled way off the front page, I doubt anyone will see this…