<em>Dante’s Inferno</em> <em>Dante’s Inferno</em>
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Dante’s Inferno

Starz Film-Roman is producing this new animated direct-to-video feature, Dante’s Inferno: the Animated Epic, through animators in Japan and Korea. It’s based on a popular video game and – be warned, especially those who had a problem with Hairballs – the trailer below is graphically violent.

(Thanks, Sandra Khoo)

  • St. McDuck

    Looks much better than the Dead Space animated movie Starz Film-Roman tried to do last year.

  • As beautiful and classy as “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”!

  • Donald C

    Odd, I don’t recall the poem involving a love story.
    I might be wrong.
    Still, it looks rather nice.

  • Pete

    I was working on the trailer for the game over a year ago. We weren’t even half way done with the trailer when I heard that there was a studio (or two) interested in making a movie based on the game. At the time, I just assumed that it would be live action. But what I couldn’t get was why anybody needed to wait for a video game to base their movie on when the book has been around for seven *HUNDRED* years!!!

    I guess it makes more sense now if you look at it as just being more marketing for the game – but at the time it seemed quite ridiculous.

  • cm

    I’d rather see an animated Barlowe’s Inferno

  • DN

    Well, at least they *totally* betrayed the soul of the story. None of that half-assed betrayin’. Yay videogames…

  • JDW

    anyone else find it hilarious that they spelled Samurai wrong? How does an error like that make it into your trailer?! That’s just pathetic…

  • I saw this earlier today and I was entertained. It seems like quite an epic journey. I’ve had the books on my shelf for years, and haven’t found the time to read them. It reminds me Ninja Scroll in a way.

  • Philboyd Studge

    JDW says:
    “anyone else find it hilarious that they spelled Samurai wrong? How does an error like that make it into your trailer?! That’s just pathetic…”

    Maybe it’s not a mistake. It could be a haircare product.

  • Tim Drage
  • Chris D.

    I don’t know how I feel about this. Batman: Gotham Knight was sort of a marketing tool for the Dark Knight, but it turned out really well. I have been following Dante’s Inferno the game since it was originally released, and I like how they have added a little more information to the story (Which I have read twice, still love the depiction of Lucifer at the end).

    I am really torn on this one, because the trailer isn’t really selling me on it, but I love the story and have an interest in the game. We will have to wait and see.

  • Robert Forman

    I can hardly wait to miss this one.

  • Anna

    wow! This creative team behind a popular anime was so amazing, we don’t even need to spell the anime title correctly! (yeah yeah, I’m the bazillionth person noticing the “Samurai Champloo” spelling)

    The trailer itself is kinda boring tho. Too much “heeeey, lets combine Devil May Cry and Berserk” dramaz!! to bother seeing yet another bloody bloody blood-soaked animation

  • Patrick


  • Oh My God. They COMPLETELY ruined a classic……He does not traverse hell to save beatrice, she has been dead for a while and is in heaven…..i hope this fails so noone will think they know the Divine Comedy from this

  • greg m.

    man, was that directed by the waffle?? It sure had that quest for camelot flavor. And as Oscar said, a bit of He man thrown in as well!

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I would NOT trust these people to do the “Paradisio.”

  • “I’d rather see an animated Barlowe’s Inferno”

    Ironically enough, ol’ Dwayne Doug is the main concept designer for the game.

  • Sam

    Ouch, right in the classics!

    That’s gonna leave a mark.

    Was Rob Liefeld the character designer?