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Dubbed Ponyo closes LAFF

The star-studded English dub of Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo will close this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival on Sunday, June 28 at 6:30 p.m. at the Mann Village Theater.

Before you get too excited, the tickets are $100.

The Los Angeles Film Festival runs June 18th through June 28th at various venues in Westwood. In addition to Ponyo the festival will feature several animated shorts in the competition screenings. Disney will release Ponyo in the United States on August 14th.

(Via Indiewire)

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Looks great, but I’ll wait till August

  • Tom D.

    I think that Disney buys the rights to distribute Miyazaki’s films in the USA to ensure that the films will fail here in the USA.

    Notice how little marketing they do for these films. If it was a Disney or a Pixar cartoon they would have already launched a multi-million dolllar marketing blitz, but Disney gives the Miyazaki films as little fanfare as possible.

    How many ads have you seen for this movie on the Disney Channel or elsewhere?

    With proper marketing Miyazaki’s films could easily be huge money-making mega-hits in America, but Disney keeps them out of the public’s eye to keep their hold on US movie-goers money.

  • I’m so excited for this movie. The animation is stunning.

  • Yikes! That’s quite a lot of money for a movie ticket, even if it is Miyazaki. I think I’ll wait as well…

  • mat

    Disney is pulling another Spirited Away. No trailer or ads. Up and that Eddie Murphy movie are all over TV but no Ponyo. Disney needs to lose the rights so someone who will promote these films can get them seen and get a full release, not a crappy 100 only movie showings. Disney is letting me down again. This could be a big film if Disney PROMOTED IT!

  • Inkan1969

    Tom D and mat are being unreasonable. I haven’t seen any evidence to convince me that the Miyazaki films would have as huge a general appeal among U.S. audiences as they insist. Would U.S. audiences really be open minded to animes that don’t hawk mall clogging toy lines? I wouldn’t describe the runs of S.A. or “Howl” as failures. Their hundred theater openings dwarf the openings of nearly every other anime; heck, do animes even get any U.S. theatrical release anymore? And it’s May, a bit too soon before August for commercials. I think the 100 theater order seems to be a reasonable release strategy for the Miyazaki films. Enough to cover most large markets, but not too much risking a “Battle for Terra” crash and burn

  • Ponyo sounds a very good movie. And the proportions of the characters is a lot better than in the current Anime fame.

    But it’s a shame that Disney don’t want to recognise his drawing skills. Even in Canada, they being quickly in DVD or Blue-Ray.

  • The argument that Disney is distributing the movie to suppress it is a pretty thin one….why get the distribtuion rights, coordinate a world wide release to “insure that they fail” – Disney is going to do nothing but make money on this release, they didn’t even have to pay to produce the film, just distribute it. Also, keep in mind that the vast majority of the US (and the rest of the world) audience are not animation enthusiast, they don’t care how brillant anybody in the field is, or how technically proficient the film is.

  • Ponyo really is an awesome film. I saw it october 2008 at the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam, Japanese language with dutch subs. The story was pretty simplistic (and I think the subs were a rushjob, as some of the translations were very muddled), but it’s basically Miyazaki’s take on The Little Mermaid. It’s aimed at a much younger audience than previous Ghibli’s, but I loved it anyway. The animation is probably the best I’ve ever seen in a Ghibli film, with stunning use of colour. The opening scenes are amazing, the amount of sea creatures on display in every single shot is just mesmerizing. It trailes off a bit by the end but it never ceases to be anything but lovely. I hope Disney gives it a proper release and that all of you will be able to enjoy it.