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ANIME! High Art – Pop Culture

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in association with Deutsches Filmmuseum in Franfurt Germany, will be presenting an exhibit of original anime art in their Beverly Hills HQ lobby and 4th Floor Gallery.

From May 15th through August 23th, the Academy will present ANIME! High Art – Pop Culture featuring collectors items and rare animation artwork seldom seen outside Japan. A portion of the exhibition is devoted to manga and its relationship to anime; the whole exhibit will provide a historical overview of the development of Japanese comic book and animation genres. Public viewing hours are Tuesday — Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday — Sunday: Noon to 6 p.m. Closed Mondays and May 23—24. Admission: Free. For more info, visit the Academy website.

  • beamish13

    Very cool. I just went there for an exhibit of Fellini’s sketches.

  • Cameron

    On the website, I see examples of Pokemon, Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon.

    That’s not the way to break down stereotypes. Hopefully, we’ll see more from Ghibli and Tezuka than that kind of thing.

  • free virtual worlds

    Its great to see more Manga Anime productions being exhibit and showcase. Creating awareness and introduce the art of Anime to the rest of the world.

  • Nana


    Way to break the stereotype. Why can’t they show Satoshi Kon?

  • Jerry,
    You must be pleased that the Academy chose to use the above picture from Akira for their invitation, since you were somewhat responsible for bringing that film to the USA. Congrats on your insight.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    As a few had stated, it would be nice if they could go beyond the shojo/shonen programs in this case, and try to go after other fantastic works such as Satoshi Kon and others. Anime is much more than simply that.

    On the other hand, anime cels are far easier to obtain than most domestic ones IMO, but it’s pretty sad how faded the lines can get since they use a process different from the normal xerography used in transferring the pencil lines to cels. It’s more a termo-type process that somehow can fade due to the paint eating away at the lines as they are transferred on the back of the cel than the front.

  • vzk

    I was hoping to see “Legend of the Overfiend” there :P

  • Anna

    Wedding Peach & SailorMoon, DBZ and…and.. Akira
    thats a strange mix there!

    They should have busted out something like …oh I dunno… Paprika, Perfect Blue or Jin-Roh for more “High Art” feel, or perhaps some Haibane-Renmei for diversity!

    at least there’s no Naruto. Thank the gods for small miracles

  • Daniel Spencer

    I have some complete Akira setups with backgrounds, cells , clean ups and other animators charts etc I bought for £12 years ago. wonder what they are worth. None are good character shots tho