Imagi’s <em>Gatchaman</em> trailer Imagi’s <em>Gatchaman</em> trailer
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Imagi’s Gatchaman trailer

Here’s the very cool full length trailer for Imagi’s CG Gatchaman (G-Force) feature – a film that, thanks to Astro Boy, will probably never be made.

(Thanks, Linz)

  • droosan

    The designs look very similar to the Tatsunoko-produced DTV series from the 1990’s (which is not a ‘negative’ criticism; I thought the designs for the 90’s GATCHAMAN were pretty sweet — it was its story that was muddled).

    Too bad, indeed, that Imagi’s version of GATCHAMAN may not ever see completion.

    At least there’s a couple of new SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO projects (animated and live-action) coming out of Japan this year ..

  • And sadly, neither will their take on GIGANTOR, which also looked pretty nifty. Check out their proof-of-concept here:

  • Nostalgic Fool

    Though it is sad that Imagi has shut down and leaving many people without work, I still feel that the original Gatchaman from my childhood is far more artistic. Something which this trailer doesn’t seem to catch even remotely. It is oft and unfortunate that we find ourselves hovering between dignity and a paycheck.

  • startstop

    If it will never be made, why does this trailer exist. and leaked online?

  • TheGunheart

    The CG in that Tetsujin #28 one is nice, but I think it misses the point by updating the characters, but not the robots. I prefer T28 as a post-war sci-fi, with elements of period piece mixed in. Modernizing things causes it to lose its charm and feel more dated.

  • Justin

    Wow, it goes so fast you don’t have time to count all the shots they rip off!

  • chris

    This is from 2006/7 back when the movie WAS BEING made. Layout was stopped in early 2008 and the unfinished sequences shipped to HK where they were finalized and released in a second teaser shown at SIGGRAPH 2008. The latest attempt died when AstroBoy tanked and Imagi folded. What could have been…

  • Pedro Nakama

    Was that for a movie or a game?
    Jerry see if you can find the trailer for a Bill Kroyer project that was never made called Arrow.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Never even heard of Gatchaman

  • Jeff Haynes

    Looks cool, but It’s not Imagi fault the Astro Boy failed. I really liked it. What makes anyone think that G-force or Gigantor would have been successes? Current American tastes are where they sit.

  • Well… that was certainly very action-packed…

  • …looks like an awesome video game…and that’s about it…in my opinion.

  • Gijs Grob

    Gatchaman was a Japanese television series from the early seventies, that was shown as “battle of the planets” in the US. This was actually a less violent, watered down version of the original, containing a new character, a robot called 7-Zark-7 (not visible in this trailer).

    Battle of the Planets (or its Dutch translation “Strijd der Planeten”, shown on Dutch television in the early eighties) was a favorite series of mine when I was little.

    Unfortunately, this trailer looks nothing like it. I can’t find anyting of the bright colours or the strong character designs of the original. I think its designs in this trailer are ugly, its animation robotic and its general appeal more that of a game than of an animated movie. This version I won’t miss, at all…

  • Wil

    That was truly dreadful. Not in the modelling or animation but just in the way it totally misses the spirit and imagination of the original show. As much as I don’t want anyone to lose their jobs I’m glad it won’t get made.

  • Angry Anim

    Action for action’s sake, without any character. It would of been cooler if their individual personalities were showing thru so what they’re doing is specific to each of their characters… like in The Incredibles.

    Kinda relieved that it’s not getting made. I remember first hearing of this project and having high hopes for something to match those brilliant Alex Ross paintings.

  • Looks… busy. The lighting and metallic textures are killing the colour, especially on their suits. But, still, I’d have been curious enough to see it if it had been finished.

  • I’m clearly at odds with the world on Imagi. I’ve been defending them for years, but it was actually this trailer that made me think “phew, that was a close one”.
    Very dissapointing compared to some of the sneak imagery, and to most contemporary Gatchaman imagery in comics and such. Too much gray in the palette, too computery camera moves, and too much pose to pose. And not bishonen enough. Glad it got axed.

  • I remember hearing Imagi doing gatchaman, I personally thought it had something to look forward to. But after seeing Astro boy I kinda figured Imagi would close the doors, but Ive wondered why they couldn’t they get Studio ghibli to do an astro boy movie.

    But this…This was something that wouldve been interesting.

  • Allan

    Apparently, the trailer is an early interpretation of Gatchaman from 2006 when the film was still in active development. It doesn’t exactly represent what the final version will look if Imagi was still open. Since then, there has been changes to the character design, scraping the weak cartoony style for a more better realistic style that is more faithful to the original series. You can see some of these changes to the character design in a rough cut promo shown in 2009 at an anime convention:

    Sigh…its sucks to see Imagi shut down. We are missing out on something really cool.

  • Tim Schuit

    Pointless, mindless action. I was bored after the first 10 seconds.

    Glad this isn’t getting made.

  • Scarabim

    I agree with Jeff, Astro Boy was flat-out great. But Astro as a character is something of a tough sell these days, what with the emphasis on stupid humor and snarky cynicism in so many toons. The movie offered a refreshing alternative, and didn’t deserve to fail. If a major studio had been behind it, the outcome, I feel, would have been quite different. As for this Gatchaman, feh, so it’s not getting made; I don’t feel I’ve missed anything. Astro had depth, darkness and soul. Gatchaman is just more rock-em sock-em robot stuff.

  • Ian DJ

    If only they had spent money on advertising Astro Boy, maybe it wouldn’t have failed so horribly. However great the movie was or wasn’t, it was only by accident that I knew when it was coming out. Heck, if Transformers 2 can make a boatload of money without a story, Astro Boy should have done a bit better than it had.

  • Mark

    That was pretty bad. Looked like the leftovers of that horrible astro boy movie–only a little better.

  • Eh… not a fan of the art style and redesigns myself.

  • Marc Baker

    ‘If only they had spent money on advertising Astro Boy, maybe it wouldn’t have failed so horribly.’

    But Summit Entertainment would rather spend their money on ‘GQ cover boy’ vampires, and warewolves to please little girls, and the gossip industry. The don’t want to invest all their money to promote an anime icon that only people like us care about.

  • Chris

    Not nearly as cool as this non-cg trailer from 2000;

  • Can anyone tell me what just happened? It was so dark and so fast, all of the action is lost. Slow it down, let us see what you all spent so much time animating. Let us savor the action. It was all a friggin’ blur! Until the end of course.

    That’s the problem with action and CG action movies today, all too fast and too many quick edits. I love for the days of Kung Fu Theatre and the well choreographed fight sequences that moved quickly but let you enjoy the beauty of the scene. This stuff now is just like trying to see the wings of a hummingbird in flight.

    I loved this series as a youngin’. I own the DVD series and will share it with my son, soon.

  • DBishop

    I’m not digging these test designs or the look too much but I did like some of the action. Seeing Joe the Condor whip out the gun and blast that guy surprised me. In an attempt to update this and make it cool and a little more “western”, I think that they miss out on the concentrated cool that dripped off of the original animated series. Even if bell bottoms and feathered hair became dated, there was something fantastical about the designs and look of the old show. It felt a lot more cinematic as well, odd as that may seem. If they could make a film that reflected much of that and didn’t shy away from PG-13 content, I’d love Imagi for life. I know there was a teaser shown at expos last year but it hasn’t been really leaked. Even after all of the setbacks and disappointments, I still like to think Imagi might have some promise that has yet to be realized.

  • Rodrigo Aben-Athar

    “Here’s the very cool full length trailer” – I don´t get it. Is this an irony? It all looks terrible! From character design/animation to compositing and most specially editing. No timing, no feeling, no appeall at all.

  • Donald C.

    It…looks fine.

  • GhaleonQ

    Tatsunoko was Hanna-Barbera with action and heart. This is…eh.

  • Bob Funn

    This was an internal promo/test done long before production on the actual movie began.

  • This looks okay, but not great.

    Supposedly, Takashi Miike is attached to doing a tokusatsu (SPFX) adaptation of GATCHAMAN (since he’s supposed to do it after his adaptation of YATTERMAN), so I’m looking forward more to that, if and when it happens.

  • Riza Gilderstern

    This looks great, but lets no pretend it wouldn’t have been ruined by gross Amercanization and the riveting voice talents of whoever’s hot in hollywood now. They never sell these things to the market it will interest and that is why they fail.

  • Caresse

    Maybe it’s because I never saw the original, or because I’m too young or something, but I actually didn’t hate this trailer.

    I think “Batfan” hit a good point – as a video game, this would be excellent, and as someone who plays more video games than I watch cartoons perhaps that’s why this appeals to me.

    Chris – the one who says it’s too fast – is right. But I think I sympathize with the creators. I find that while working in Maya and After Effects it’s really about trial and error to get everything to not move fast and clinically – and sometimes, you just don’t have time for trial and error.

    There were some savory delicacies like at 00:53 when the camera pans right to fit the characters in the frame as another character jumps in.

    All in all – if this was like student work or an in-process piece, I’d still be fairly impressed. As anything more, it just needs more work, but it’s not horrible.

  • Juna

    This does look really terrible ^^ But that sweet anime from 2000 posted by Chris looks amazing! Did they decide never to make that? Or was it made and I missed it?