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My New Favorite Anime

(Thanks, Billy Bond)

  • John

    There’s an extended version of this somewhere.

    And yes, just goes to show they have anime aimed at all audiences, on all subjects.

  • Jay

    Don’t miss his continuing adventures in pooping!

  • you are doing crazy today Jerry!!!!!

  • wow…

    I should keep this for when I have kids in another ten years.

  • alan

    Maybe parenthood has made me lose my cynicism, but I actually thought this was a cute learning tool.
    I would have found this helpful when my kids were potty training.

  • I can’t get that song out of my head.
    I’m just amazed at how appealing the characters are.

  • uffler mustek

    i think it’s racist.

  • I thought was humorous and cute.

    P.S. Did they have to draw a tiger “winkie” on the kid?

  • Taranchula

    Wow, my friends told me about this short before, but I didn’t believe it was real. I thought they were just making up stuff to scare me for reasons unknown. But then again I should have known they never would have made up anything THIS crazy even if they tried. I guess the moral to this story is, never doubt your friends on the subject of crazy cartoons.

  • RR

    I thought it was kinda cute too ;)
    “YOU’VE DONE IT!!!”

  • uncle wayne

    “Uffler”….congratts! You made me spit out my milk!! Hysterical! Yeah….I “agree!”

  • Lucy

    Ah, kawaii!

    Well, sort of : \ I can see where this could be a great learning tool, I haven’t been this weirded out by anime in a longggg time, and this is coming from someone who’s been a diehard anime fan for going on fifteen years. I don’t think I was particularly disturbed until the live-action seen… Honestly, I think that kid was about to burst a blood vessel!

    Andddd now, when I JUST get that song out of my head (my brother-in-law in all his sadistic ways posted this little jewel to myspace a few months ago) there it is again! Dang it… Think I’ll go forget this with a nice ‘n seeming less-creepy Satoshi Kon film.

  • I think you’ve found a theme song for Cartoon Dump!

  • Bill Field

    For those of us that do BOTH#1 & #2, I feel like it’s mocking us– and Popeye’s Pop, Poop-Deck Pappy-what’s next? A flapper named –uhmmm… Betty Poop? Well, POOP POOP PADOOP!

  • Bill Field

    I did wonder what happened to Captain Marvel’s Verbose Feline Friend– Mr. Tawky Tawny, nice to see he found someone to settle down and have a family with— Enjoy it while you can, I smell a lawsuit from DC. Oh sorry, it was biomass I smelled.
    I mean hey, –IT HAPPENS!

  • red pill junkie

    I laughed so hard I think I had a wee wee too… Damn!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    This was a classic!

    Unlike the other “poop” video already linked here, there’s a couple other little safety tip clips made with this little tiger tyke name Shimajiro…

    Damn, it looks like the Benesse Corporation has got to them before I did, but there was these two other videos that were once on YouTube, showing Shimajiro learning proper traffic crossing lessons from a lion police cop (who apparently likes to travel in a flying saucer of sorts), and another where he learns the proper way to act on the train from a monkey ninja.

    By the way, here’s one of the many products by the company responsible for this…

    Some home movie footage of the tiger in some Xmas pagent…

    For more Shimajiro fun…

  • And I’m kicking myself for not picking up a VHS tape filled with these characters at the local flea market. I would’ve ripped it and posted them on youtube in a jiffy.

  • Rusty door

    You know you’ve smoked too much when your poop smiles at you.

  • I caught this short on an anime forum a while back, though this is the first time I’ve seen it with subtitles.

    Never have I seen potty training explained in such minute detail.

  • HAZU MAZU! HAZU MAZU! I’ve linked to this on the Beat and just cannot get enough of it!

  • It seems the stereotype that the Japanese lead gray, regimented lives is untrue. They appear to be a happy and joyus people, celebrating even a lowly bowel movement with exuberant song and dance.

    Or at least their tigers do.

  • Quiet_Desperation

    I wish someone would celebrate everytime *I* make a stinky. :(

  • Well, at least it was a proper toilet. Not like those crazy ones they have in public places and on the transportation system.
    Those NEED an educational cartoon…

  • Jpox

    Funny. Didn’t expect seeing Pee Pee and Poo Poo so happy!

  • That was hilarious, especially the smiling poo floating in the toilet!

  • Larry T

    (wiping a tear from his eye)

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all week…. Now I’ve finally seen the Anime version of Mr. Hankey.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Now THIS is what I call crap animation. (badump-swish)

  • Inkan1969

    Ah, yes. When I was last in Tokyo in 2005 I found that TV Tokyo was showing the TV series “Striped Tiger Shimajiro” on Monday mornings at 7:00 AM. I saw some Shimajiro merchandise here and there. Even though it was a preschool anime I was curious about the show because it was a rare furry anime. It was on a youtube search for Shimajiro eps that I discovered this video. Now I can’t think of Shimajiro in any other context, I’m afraid. :-)

    Joking aside, I don’t really have any problem with this video. I’ve never had any children of my own, and so I don’t have any clue what the process of potty training your kid is like for parents. Disgusting or not, every family with children has to do this. If this video does help families go through this procedure more easily, then I’m glad it’s around. So, a question to the actual parents on this board, do you think this is a useful video?

    Nonetheless, I feel really sorry for that live action boy at the end of the video. The poor boy’s going to be facing blackmail when he grows up. :-(

  • Holy, crap.

  • doug holverson

    I want to choke myself for being turned on by the mother….

    That’s even worse than being turned on by Muggy Doo’s girl friend.

  • Jay

    “…I haven’t been this weirded out by anime in a longggg time, and this is coming from someone who’s been a diehard anime fan for going on fifteen years.”

    I can’t imagine being “weirded out” by this. It’s super cute and appealing, it demystifies potty-time and makes it fun for kids, and does a great job of teaching kids how and when to do their business in an utterly non-creepy way.

    If animated tiger-cub peepees creep you out, I guess there’s always Disney :)

  • James Kormann

    Just when I thought I had seen it all… Jerry busts out a Japanese Tiger cub on the can!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > I can’t imagine being “weirded out� by this. It’s super cute and appealing, it demystifies potty-time and makes it fun for kids, and does a great job of teaching kids how and when to do their business in an utterly non-creepy way.
    >If animated tiger-cub peepees creep you out, I guess there’s always Disney :)

    The thing to remember is that the sensibilities that the Japanese have are far different than our sensibilities, and often what might seem weird or unusual to us is looked on as normal to them. Besides, this vid was made for 2 year olds anyway. Watching it as an adult could conjure up a more embarrassing thought despite the eventual need to become a parent and to go through the routine one day with their kids.

    Of course America has had similar vids to teach like the classic “It’s Potty Time!”
    (god, I’m glad videos like this weren’t around when I was learning the ropes, watch at your own risk)

  • Chuck R.

    I’m with Chris. I thought it was kind of funny (esp. the live action kid pushing), but not way out of the ordinary. Maybe it’s cause I’ve got two toddlers of my own, and I’ve seen this:
    Or maybe there’s just nothing weirder in animation than the catbus.

    BTW, can anyone tell me why the Tiger has pants with a Communist China license? Hard to believe any Japanese tyke would get so excited about that. Don’t they have Bob the Builder?

  • Shouldn’t the wee-wee be colored yellow instead of blue?

  • Dear Lord…I adore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Five or six years ago I won the commission of a lifetime: animate a toilet training video for intellectually disabled children. The 6 minute film was part of a set of materials put out by the South Australian government.

    Given the intended audience, the process had to be portrayed VERY CLEARLY, with no punches pulled and nothing obscured. No talking turds, but our straight forward portrayal is probably weird enough. Particularly so when it’s seen out of context, as it was in Annecy’s 2002 screening.

    For those that can’t get enough poo-animation, here’s a clip on my outdated website.

    I’ll try and get the whole thing up on Youtube over the next couple of days.

    Despite the limited budget and crude, limited production, it was the best job ever!!

  • It’s not the Anime version of Mr. Hankey. It’s the Anime version of Nutty The Friendly Dump. Get it right!

    The Japanese in general have no problem at all with bodily function humor. This is why Crayon Shin-Chan is family fare in Japan but on Adult Swim in America. It’s simply not considered “obscene” there.

  • Wow… speechless!

  • linda

    I think Pantsu Pankurou is better for slightly older kids than Shimajiro

  • Zeo

    how people find this video clip funny is beyond me, the company behind this video would not have made it to make themselves a laughing stock. im actually glad this clip exists as it shows that there are some animators that are still willing to go the whole 9 yards and go where others dare tread, i mean you’d never see Spongebob Squarepants showing young kids how to use the toilet so who else would pick up the slack?