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New Anime book by Ladd and Deneroff


Harvey Deneroff has announced on his blog the forthcoming publication of his new book with Fred Ladd, Astro Boy and Anime Come to the Americas. The book details the story of Ladd’s involvement with bringing Astro Boy (and by extension, Japanese anime itself) to America in the early 1960s. Ladd was significantly involved with Tezuka’s pioneering series and subsequently responsible for bringing Gigantor, Kimba The White Lion and Sailor Moon to U.S. audiences.

The book will go on sale in November, from McFarland.

  • Looks interesting. Now it looks I may end up owning books from my favorite three Freds of the anime community: Schodt, Patten and Ladd. The triforce is nearly complete.

  • jon

    You should do a post on how american animation is recieved in other countries, like japan where animation is a big deal.

  • H Park

    That needs perspective from people who live in that country or someone who visited respective country and asked local people how American animations like Disney and Warner got reception.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That could be a book on it’s own H. Park! I know I’d love this book anyway, reminds me of having bought “The Complete Anime Guide” 12 years ago and loved every page of it despite some critical doubts over it’s editorial concerns, but it gave me everything I needed to know about what anime was at a time when I started getting into it.