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Japanese Nuclear Crisis Explained Via Animated Toilet Humor

“Nuclear Boy Has a Stomachache” explains the nuclear crisis in Japan through animation. The cute scatalogical analogies illustrate the power of animation to creatively summarize complex ideas, but the positive spin on the situation reeks of propaganda. It would be interesting to learn who commissioned the piece.

(via BB)

  • Where’s Gilbert Gottfried when you need him?

  • Uh… I’m speechless…
    (good thing he has a diaper)

  • Jason

    I think Big Coal and BP should hire this guy to cover up their mess as well.

  • Jeffrey Simonetta

    I wouldn’t view this as propaganda. Think in the perspective a 5 year old Japanese child. You just experienced a major earthquake, a tsunami ravaged your country, food supplies are running low, the adults around you are frantic and paranoid, and then theirs the lingering fear of the radiation. Kids in that country are probably going through one of the most traumatic experiences in their lives. And this is a way of trying to be more optimistic and explain something to someone who isn’t that knowledgeable about these things yet, so that possibly they would be able to sleep at night without nightmares.

    You should view this from the point of using cartoons as a way of explaining serious issues to an audience that is very young and and how influential animation is on kids.

  • uncle wayne

    Amazing how something of nature can come CLOSE to being “political!” Reminds me of us (here in New Orleans) that called Katrina a “racist hurrican!” How inane!!

  • Can’t judge how appropriate this would be for japanese children. Explaining nuclear energy (starting with Chernobyl) was done different for german kids in 1988: (german, no subtitles, but watch anyway.)

  • DA

    Positive spin? I’ve heard 3 interviews this week of top nuclear scientist (one from MIT) say pretty much the same thing this clip said.

    Disagreement doesn’t equal “spin.”

    • Nillin

      Agreed. It matches all of the credible information I’ve heard.

  • algeria

    I can’t tell whether this is a genuine attempt at explaining the disaster to kids or just the work of a mad genius.

  • The Scarlet Pumpernickel

    Next time your plant poos, just hand over the toilet paper!

  • That was pretty awesome. A scatological triumph of the human spirit.^^

  • This cartoon is funny as hell, but as far as the actual facts go, it’s bullshit propaganda. Somebody should add in that nuclear power cartoon from The Simpsons. Whoops, we’ll just sweep this nuclear waste under the rug. Problem solved, yay!

    Obviously, I hope the Daiichi crisis can be contained before and catastrophe is averted. In any event, we can’t get enough poo cartoons. I hope somebody sends this to Matt Parker and Trey Stone.

  • 2011 Adult

    Wow. And Gilbert Gottfried got fired for HIS jokes…

    • Die

      This wasn’t a joke, this was made by an artist to try and help kids understand what’s going on.
      Japan just has a really weird love of poop, I’m half Japanese myself and I still don’t get why.

  • It’s amazing how charming this is!

  • I just find it interesting that nearly 10 years after a couple of buildings fell, we STILL can’t laugh or treat the subject matter with any shade less than total reverence, and yet the Japanese are still in the middle of a gigantic crisis that occurred not even a week ago and they’re already using humor to defuse a difficult experience.

  • x

    Wait, why “propaganda” (also known as Public Service Broadcast) is a pejorative term, and “publicity” is not?

    Telling kids they’re not going to die a horrible death is bad, put telling kids they will be happy if they convince their parents to buy crap is not?

  • Bob Lindstrom

    Where’s the propaganda, Amid? All this says is they’re working hard to contain a disaster, but that if a spill occurs it will cause serious environmental damage and render Fukushima prefect unliveable.

    • Jason

      You can’t really blame him. Look at the Iodine craze going on right now even in places like Texas. It’s selling for 200 dollars on ebay. What’s sadder is that there’s a lot of people allergic to that stuff and there will be more deaths from all the scaremongering than from this crisis.

      Until people are educated enough to see beyond their internal ‘bias’, we’ll never grow as a nation. Perhaps we need a more rounded education system instead of one that creates professionals who are clueless outside of their fields of interest.

  • Radiation Jones

    “Propaganda”? A video aimed at making tiny children less fearful is propaganda? Amid, you make me laugh!

  • popipo

    “It would be interesting to learn who commissioned the piece.”

    Here’s a comment I found on youtube:

    The person who made the video is Kazuhiko Hachiya, an artist and designer who lives in Shibuya, Tokyo. Look him up on twitter or google him, or look up his company petworks. Looks like he just did this on his own.

  • Dr.Truth

    This has to be seen to be believed.

  • purin

    The thing that really gets me about this is the choice of the metaphor.

    You can’t hold poop in forever.

    It really puts a fatalistic spin on the situation.

  • This was strangely heartwarming, especially around the end. I can understand the motives for making this; I’m sure this was probably aimed toward the children of Japan, whom have most likely lost so much during these troubling times. At first I didn’t find it funny at first but it got the point across almost immediately to the end, so I kinda have alot of respect for what this person was trying to get out there. I’ll always be praying for Japan, even though I am unable to go there myself to do what I can, I will try my best to support them over here. God bless.

  • Cris

    Yeah, this probably isn’t anything made by any big company or the government. It’s using copyrighted music. That guitar bit is from Cowboy Bebop, it’s called American Money.