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NY Times on Miyazaki’s US tour

The New York Times is reporting that Hayao Miyazaki will indeed appear (with John Lasseter) on July 24th at the San Diego Comic Con.

At Comic-Con Mr. Miyazaki and Mr. Lasseter are expected to appear as part of an animation presentation that will give a glimpse not only at “Ponyo,” but also at a series of coming Disney films, including “Toy Story 3,” “Beauty and the Beast 3-D” and “The Princess and the Frog.”

The only way to see this is to sit in Hall H – NOW!

Miyazaki will also appear at presentations in San Francisco and LA. Read the entire NY Times article here.

  • victoria

    I wish I could sit in hall H now, but don’t worry I will be there and have a prime seat ;)

  • Lindsay

    Good luck to anyone who attempts that! ;)

  • Paul

    I’m suprised Mr. Miyazaki would even appear to the San Diego Comic Con, even for an animation presentation. Isn’t he against those type of people?

  • This years Comic Con is going to be the best.

  • Paul: What type of people is he against? Animation people? San Dieg-ans?

  • Jon Reeves

    Except you’ll have to fight off all the Twilight fans who will be in Hall H on the previous day (the only group I’ve seen camp out the night before, last year).

  • Nick

    “Beauty and the Beast in 3D” what do they mean by “3D”? As in redoing their best scenes to be seen on IMAX 3-D? It would be awesome to reintroduce a new generation to Beauty and the Beast, and in that case ALL Disney movies, in theaters. I’m curious though as to how it’s being presented.

  • DC

    I’m so jealous!! Sounds like it would be a wonderful time!
    Except for that Beauty and the Beast 3D bit… what the heck?

  • JamesT

    UGH! When is he coming to the east coast?! IS he coming to the east coast??!! Or am I going to have to scour Youtube a week after the con to look for footage?

  • Too Much Tacos

    The Beauty and the Beast 3D trailer got a fantastic response at ShoWest.

  • To Max W. – Miyazaki dislikes ‘otaku’, which are basically shut-in fanboys who spend every minute of their life obsessing over things like cartoons, video games, comics, etc.. And unfortunately, there are going to be a LOT of these kinds of people at Comic-con.

    Regardless, I’m extremely jealous of everyone who can afford going to Comic-con and even be in the same *building* as Miyazaki. :D

  • Jon Reeves

    OK, the whole thing has now been announced, and it’s even more awesome than the Times wrote (since they don’t know who Unkrich/Wise/Clements/Musker are- and they didn’t mention Tim Burton, either) — full details at http://www.conventionscene.com/2009/07/09/disney-brings-zemeckis-burton-miyazaki-and-lasseter-to-sdcc/

  • Brian Kidd

    I would assume that they are using the same technology that was used to make the 3D version of NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The 3D NIGHTMARE worked fairly well. It wasn’t nearly as striking as something like CORALINE that was shot in 3D, but it did add depth. It will be interesting to see how it works on material that was originally just flat drawings, though. I mean, 3D animation isn’t new by any means, but even the old 3D shorts and films like STARCHASER were originally shot in 3D. If it gets a decent Disney film back into theaters without sullying the original version, then go for it. If it works spectacularly, then bring out FANTASIA 3D, pass the herbal image enhancement, and leave me alone with the pretty colors!

  • Jon Reeves

    Of course, not all of Beauty and the Beast was “flat drawings”. There’s a chance they’ll go back and re-render the ballroom sequence, assuming they kept all the relevant raw data (and it’s still usable with their current software, and there aren’t too many glitches exposed in the process).

    Note that they are also doing 3-D versions of Toy Story 1&2, where they presumably will go back and re-render the whole thing. That’s the sort of detail I expect they’ll explain in the panel (along with why it’s not as simple as I just hand-waved it to be).

    One minor quibble: It is not the first time there’s been a 3D presentation at Comic-Con, as regulars at the Spike & Mike screenings are aware (or, for that matter, those who went offsite for the early Beowulf footage). But it is the first time in Hall H. And the first time for something I’m actually eager to see.

  • Marc Gagnon

    I really wish I hadn’t seen this article. Every time I read about Miyazaki’s California tour, and the fact that I missed the opportunity to get tickets, I want to tear my heart out.

    Seriously, I’m sure they could turn his Academy appearance into a two-night event and sell out both shows.

  • doug holverson

    Why do I look at your above jpeg and think about those “floatin’ babies” from that Popeye vs. Anime parody?

  • Can’t wait to hear him talk next week in SF on my vacation! Yay for coincidences!