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“Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt”

I’ve been away from anime for a bit so forgive me – I have no idea what this is…

…but I admit this trailer looks kinda cool. Is anyone here into Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt? If so, please write in and explain it to us.

It’s apparently a Japanese take on American cable cartoons. According to

The Anarchy sisters, Panty and Stocking, are angels who were kicked out of Heaven due to bad behavior. They are sent to Daten City, a place located on the edge of Heaven and Hell, where creatures called “Ghosts” have run wild — feeding on human desire. Under the watchful eye of Reverend Garterbelt, it’s up to Panty and Stocking to destroy these Ghosts, in order to collect enough Heaven Coins to return to paradise. Only the Anarchy sisters can save humanity from these monsters and when they’re not bickering with each other, they’re unstoppable.

13 episodes come out on DVD July 10th. For those curious about seeing the actual show before it comes out on DVD, you can watch a few episodes on FUNimation’s official site.

(Thanks, Samuel Einhorn)

  • wever

    Don’t be worried about being out of the anime loop. Panty and Stocking is incredibly obscene, risque AND insane, even by most anime standards!

    • SKent.

      it’s quite brilliant by any standards. It’s been years since there was anything this good.

  • wever

    And I just wanna mention a bit of a plug, if I may.

    With Adult Swim bringing TOONAMI back this weekend, they already picked up 2 more titles and are looking into bringing more in IF, and ONLY IF, it gets high enough ratings! Panty and Stocking has been among the most requested titles, and even though I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s made by the same studio that animated Adult Swim’s favorite anime (FLCL), it’s very American inspired, and the humor is very much like some of their original comedies like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Superjail! This could help anime stay in the radar of the United States audiences by maintaining its presence on premium cable! Support the block! Thank you.

  • Deaniac

    I think the Amazon description did a good job of summarizing the series. Not sure what else I could add that wouldn’t be mirroring it.

    Yes, the series is drawn in the vein of stylized American cartoons (think 90s Cartoon Network). Despite this, the show jumps back and forth through various styles, from a cheap looking chibi-like style to a more elaborate traditional anime style. The art direction in general is fantastic and it makes for some great eye candy.

    Just a heads up though, the show is VERY raunchy, NSFW all around. Myself? I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s very fast paced and some of the cinematography during fight scenes is unbelievable. Even if the content ins’t your cup of tea, it’s worth a watch just for the aesthetics alone.

  • Steve gattuso

    Oh yes, I’ve seen it. And it’s just as wacky as the trailer implies. It’s also not in any way, shape, or form suitable for children. It’d be nice if Funimation provides a subtitled version to go along with the dubs, the original voices are hilarious.

    • They release all their DVDs (except Shin Chan, due to bizarre licensing issues) with subbed Japanese tracks.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    While there’s a certain Powerpuff Girl feel about the trailer, make no mistake that the show is basically NSFW to the core. Produced by Gainax, this series is way into fan service. Panty’s stated purpose may be to deal with the Ghosts, but she also has her own agenda: to have sex with a thousand Earthlings. It’s the sort of thing that gives anime a bad name among its critics, but the people producing it are having too much fun to care. You’ve been warned.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Also of note, this is from Gainax, so you can stop wondering!

  • Alissa

    Honestly, the image song probably explains the series better in 5 minutes than anything else. Here:

    What’s there to explain? A trigger-happy nymphomaniac and a junk food junkie goth with a bondage fetish are kicked out of Heaven for bad behavior. The only way they can get back is through battling and defeating the tortured souls of those who can’t pass on(ghosts), earning ‘heaven’s coins’ in the process. Kind of literally working off their debt to society if you will.

    Garterbelt, a priest with an impressive afro and mysterious past, is tasked with supervising our heroines and keeping them in line.

    The green dog-who-is-totally-not-a-GIR-clone-but-totally-is is Chuck, the team’s celestial fax machine through which the girls receive their missions.

    Oh, and then there’s Brief, the wannabe ghost buster with a painfully obvious crush on Panty.

    And I wouldn’t really call it an ‘Japanese take on American cartoons’ personally Mr. Jerry. It’s more like a parody of Magical Girls shows with and American-esque animation style. The heroines and the exact opposite of the sweet, angelic archetype normally found in these shows. And the token love interest? Total hopeless nerd, not exactly the mysterious protector expected of the genre.

    For example, one of the show’s more iconic scenes. Instead of denying that the inexplicable nakedness and sparkles usually found in the transformation routine isn’t for fanservice Panty and Stocking embrace it and carry it out to the logical conclusion. A pole dancing strip-tease.

    Supposedly the director is a big fan of American cartoons, which explains the art style and sheer amount of shout-outs and cameos. Anyone whose a fan of 90’s and early 00’s animation should have fun trying to spot them all; I nearly laughed myself senseless when I spotted Johnny Bravo.

    I hope that this sorta explained it (except not really). I will admit that it’s not for everyone, and that the only way to really explain the show is to just have you see it for yourself.

    • It’s definitely a Japanese take on American cartoons. In fact, I forget the source, I’ll try to track it down later. But I remember reading a blog entry talking about the GAINAX staff visiting Pixar. One of the guys at Pixar asked about “Panty and Stocking” to the person who initially came up with the idea (I forget their name). Apparently GAINAX went to an American convention and saw a screening of “Drawn Together”. After that they couldn’t believe how raunchy and over-the-top it was, and decided they wanted to make their own raunchy, over-the-top cartoon.

      • wever

        I heard the inspiration was also from a company retreat where a bunch of GAINAX people got drunk and the ideas for the show came from that conversation! :D

    • Joel

      That summed it up to a tee and then some!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Oh I should’ve linked to this before, but here’s a good review about the show for anyone who doesn’t mind to listen in.

  • Jumpman

    I haven’t seen the show, but I heard a lot of good things about it. There’s a great number of references to animated western shows like South Park, Powerpuff Girls, Ren & Stimpy, and Invader Zim.

    Adult Swim was considering airing Panty and Stocking for the new Toonami block (which begins this Saturday night, BTW, so everybody should watch it), but are unsure if there’s an audience for it. Which is why Funimation are encouraging fans to tweet AS about Panty and Stocking and show support for the show, just like Toonami fans did for their block, which lead to its revival.

  • Sherrie

    I’ve actually seen most of this series! It’s pretty nuts. The animation is crazy, one of my favorites being a car chase/fight scene that takes place through a school’s hallway. The humor is very American (if that makes sense), taking cues from a lot of US tv shows like Jumpman above listed (Ren & Stimpy, Powerpuff Girls, etc).

    The narrative is all over the place. I wasn’t fond of many of the storylines, or jokes (just didn’t strike a cord for me), but its still worth giving it a watch for the animation. The end of the series though is just . . . not what you see coming in a bad way (or a good way? It feels like as a viewer I got trolled, but I know some people who LOVE it for that reason).

    It’s worth giving it a watch at least.

  • Billy Batz

    It’s awesome, came out a couple years ago from the creators of Gurren Laggan( which you should definitely experience).From studio Gainax, these guys left that studio and formed studio Trigger, they are ones to watch.

  • redcrimson

    Rude, crass and unapologetic. Gainax once again pushes the boundaries(and definition) of anime in their zany, raunchy and undoubtedly drug-induced nod to western animation. Visually inventive and chock-full of fun characters, it also boasts what is probably one of the best soundtracks in the history of anything.

  • Conor

    The first phrase that comes to mind when I think PSG is “visually dense”, as in there’s a lot of stuff going on almost too quickly to even be absorbed, if you’re familiar with (PSG series creator) Hiroyuki Imaishi’s film “Dead Leaves”, you know what I’m talking about, that combination of unrelenting pace and crazy stylization that’s almost physically exhausting. This will sound like heresy to anime fans, but I’ve been waiting for a dub to come out, just so I can watch it without my eyes having to dart back and forth between the subtitles and the actual animation.

    I, personally, love it, in much the same way that I love some Rob Zombie films. It’s kind of lacking in substance and purpose, but it’s just such a blast to watch. It’s fun, giddily obscene, often surreal, and (it’s a nebulous word that I kind of hate using, but I can’t think of any other way to describe it) just really freaking cool.

  • Tom

    Fun fact: Each episode revolves around a different taboo subject (sex, gambling, gluttony, poop, nose-picking, etc).

    The writing is hit or miss, but I highly recommend this show to all animation fans just for the crazy experimental joy of the visuals. I’m really glad to see they did an english language dub, because there is way to much going on to read subtitles and watch at the same time.

  • Brian Kidd

    As others have said, it’s distinctly NOT for kids. However, I’m not sure why some folks say that like it’s a bad thing. It’s raunchy, but I wouldn’t call it overly-fan-service-y. If anything, it purposefully takes the sexiness to extremes for humorous reasons instead of for prurient reasons. The animation and editing is high-energy and very stylish. I loved it and I’m someone who wants to punch an Anime director every time I see unnecessary panty shots. It’s not for everyone. You’ll know within the first five minutes if it’s for you or not. It made me laugh.

  • Crystal

    I have seen Panty & Stocking! I didn’t dig it after seeing the first few episodes, but when it had more of a story/character development towards the end, I actually preferred it more. I do like how the dub is trying to match the tone of the series with all the swearing/entendres. It’s not currently slated for adult swim, but I think the Toonami fanbase is hoping it’ll end up on there.

    I think P&S is sorta influenced by Craig McCracken & Genndy Tartakovsky (two of my faves). It feels like Powerpuff Girls meets South Park, as far as I’m concerned. I heard somewhere (not 100% sure) it was inspired by Drawn Together, but I prefer P&S.

    Is it just me, or do people at Cartoon Brew seem to prefer when cartoons look flat rather than round? I’m not saying something’s bad if it’s flat, I just thought it took more effort to make it look round. Most anime looks round to me and most Western cartoons look flat, but people seem to be taking more of an interest in a flat-looking anime . . .

    • Chris Sobieniak

      The “Drawn Together” inspiration amused me a bit since I always sorta figured the way that show worked was in how those different characters and their design/genres were placed together in the first place, but P&S kinda game me more a McCracken/Tartakovsky vibe in it’s look (I was especially familiar Hollywood VA’s to voice this one instead personally).

      • wever

        Sadly, the dub is being produced in Texas where they use the same cast over and over in all their shows, so we can’t expect to see any big name Hollywood talent in this.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I know, it just would’ve seemed interesting if we have had guys familiar in regular cartoon circles (and on those 90’s cartoons I hardly watch much these days) voicing on this show.

      • wever

        Frank Welker, Jim Cummings, Billy West, Peter Cullen, Steve Blum, etc!!! …. in sure Funimation can at least phone in their lines over a teleconference, but the rates the Hollywood actors go for is much more expensive!

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Certainly getting union guys on a non-union production is very tricky. I wouldn’t mind hearing Bob Bergen and Tress MacNeille here too!

  • I’ve seen the series and it’s quite fun, not great but it has some suberb design work, many jokes and jabs to film and animation (Ren and Stimpy are paid homage in one episode) some really good animation moments and breakneck pacing.

    oh and the series are “american style” as much as Kappa Mikey was “anime style”

  • ricar

    Video blocked in Spain :(

  • That looks great! I’ve had the subtitled series sitting around for a couple of years (search: ANIMATION, download all results) and never watched it after burning it to DVD. Must find it in the pile…

  • Manu R

    Totally lacking in any substance, fantastic designs, NSFW, gross, hyper-paced with a slightly too tight animation budget. Like eating popcorn with tabasco while listening to drum & bass.

    All I kept thinking was how the staff at Gainax must have been killing themselves while they were making this series. It’s almost as if this series started life as a dare and they couldn’t believe their luck when someone actually said yes.

    • Tak

      “Like eating popcorn with Tabasco while listening to drum & bass”

      +1 for this great descriptive analogy

  • blocked in brazil too

  • Megan

    Its a pretty interesting anime series that is based on American cartoons thrown in with an anime style and pop culture. The music and animation are gorgeous and the use of pop culture is pretty humorous and entertaining to watch. Of course, even though it may seem like a cutesy show it does have a bit of adult humor and adult conversations that would be more for a older audience. Still.. if you are a fan of animation, pop culture or just like the company that brought you other awesome shows I would highly recommend it.

  • Samuel Einhorn

    I just wanna say the other main reason I suggested this to be posted (besides trying to further expose a great show that I think would appeal to the people that visit this site) is because despite everyone saying, “This should be on Adult Swim”, they actually passed on it. According to a recent podcast with representatives from FUNimation, adult swim didn’t feel there was enough fan demand for it, which isn’t true:

    FUNimation said that if you want to see this unique show on T.V. you should post on adult swim’s Facebook page about it or tweet the hashtag #pantyandstocking to @adultswim:

    Adult Swim is actually listening, if this recent joke bumper has anything to say:

  • Swindy

    :| One of them has Twilight Sparkle’s hair!!

  • It’s great. The only anime series I’ve ever bothered with. Absurdly entertaining.

  • Tony McCarson

    I forgive you, Jerry Beck.

    japanese animation rocks!

  • I saw Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt around when it came out a couple of years ago. The art design was a welcome change in a medium where cute and innocent sells more and more these days–it felt like something Cartoon Network would make ten years ago–but you definitely need an open mind and at times a strong stomach to sit through it. If you think Dead Leaves and Gurren Lagann were insane…the guy who directed those two titles was DRUNK when he came up with this.

    Oh, and episode six has one of the best animated battles I’ve ever seen.

  • Cameron Koller

    One of the episodes, “Vomiting Point” is probably one of the greatest episodes of television animation ever made.

    Otherwise it’s a lot of fun, though it takes a few episodes to hit its stride. I’m definitely a fan.

  • I saw the entire series as it was being fansubbed, and I LOVED every minute of it. Mind you, I also loved Dead Leaves, which is just as zany, manic, violent and perverted, but hey. YOLO! >:D
    Seriously though, if you’ve got enough of a sense of humor to roll your eyes through some of the show, it’s a really fun and visually astounding show to watch.
    Personally, I’ll be buying the box set just to encourage more stuff like this being brought overseas. :3

  • It’s an enjoyable show if you can get past all the bodily fluids, ha.

  • AC

    Close to two years ago I watched every Japanese episode subbed-had no idea a dub was in the works. Glad to hear the language is kept intact. Kind of weird that they used Scanty and Kneesocks’ theme song for the trailer but w/e- I personally find it catchier than Panty and Stocking’s.

    It’s funny in a “holy *** did they just seriously do that?” way. My favorite episode is one that parodies Ace Attorney. The use of three different styles of drawing is great, ha two characters are even direct ripoffs of Ren and Stimpy.

    As “TV-MA” as my own work can get though, I must admit the show went too far for even my own tastes sometimes. Specifically when the Garterbelt as a child molesting priest card is played far too well (I guess going into the most disgusting example would get my comment deleted-lol)

    That aside though, yeah-it was a fun little watch. I love the Demon Sisters.

  • Rick R.

    Guess I’ll be the lone dissenter. Yes, it is PPG meets South Park, but the first episode didn’t bring anything new to the table. People screaming obscenities every 3 seconds and being inappropriate for chibi characters… gee, aren’t Parker and Stokes still doing that?

    I also found the blasphemy too much. “God ain’t here”.. no priest would say that. The Lord is everywhere. And these girls are angels somehow? How?

    After all these years, bashing Catholics isn’t new, innovative, or funny. (And I’m a protestant, btw.) But like with SP, no one is dumb enough to attack Islam with the same verve or intensity.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      There was the sighting of the Koran in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that really ticked out some out there for having notice it after so many years since the series was out, yet I don’t suppose the Japanese would try to take it that far even out of unconcern for who was going to watch it outside Japan (as it has happened before with stereotypes apparent in previous work).

  • Its weird, funny; amazing, no politically correct, well drawn, well animated… Everyting you expect in an anime and then some more. I’m waiting for season 2.

  • Been checking on this show off and on for a while – regardless of how you feel about it, it’s extremely fun to see Japanese animators/creators paying some homage to/creating mash-ups of the Western cartoons they love – or love to hate perhaps? (With Invader Zim being one of their influences, if you check out the sidekick Chuck’s design…..)

  • Jorge Garrido

    Ricky Garduno was obsessed with this show and blogged about it on Dumm Comics a few years back, which was where I first heard about it.

    He said the most brilliant thing about it. It’s not just a parody of American cartoons. It’s a parody of American parodies of anime style, like Teen Titans and Kappa Mikey.

  • James

    The animation and writings got some edge, but the show can sometimes to be a very low-class act. The show tends to use toilet humor, sex jokes, extreme comic violence, and other such “adult” humor as a crutch for more genuine creativity in quite a few of the episodes/shorts.

    I think the utter insanity of it is what keeps it interesting above all else. The plot is complete nonsense and the show knows it, but the characters play along for the ride. And what a ride it is!

  • A while ago, some dude was posting episodes on YouTube, then he got his account deleted due to a copyright claim from GAINAX (not surprisingly, of course).
    I watched every episode on Crunchyroll eventually, and really enjoyed it. I wonder how the very casual use of the word “f*g” will be handled in this release (I remember it being used a couple of times in the subtitles).

  • DJM

    Sad that it takes an anime to show how original American animation can be when given the free reign it deserves. I’m probably in the minority, but I really hate the people who praise this kind of s**t (its nice to look at, but it really is s**y) without giving at least a passing nod to the American animation that inspired it. This is just the regular nutso, throw-everything-in-there Japan stuff otakus clamor for (and not in a good way like Cromartie High). It feels a little like Big O all over again when people (or the ones I was talking to) were saying its better than Batman: The Animated Series.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      At least someone thinks the other way about it.

  • To borrow the parlance of the youth, do the staff have any idea how ‘random’ it is for you to suddenly be posting about Panty and Stocking in such a fashion?

    Let’s be honest, Jerry and Amid do an amazing job curating this site, I’m sometimes not sure how they find the hours, and for a long time now it’s been more than just a blog, it’s pretty much become the main resource for animation somethingsomething online.

    I’ve done my share of pissing and moaning over the years, called them both out on dubious editorial decisions – but it’s only because we’ve kind of come to expect them to DO EVERYTHING.

    Yet when it comes to certain things, anime, action cartoons, it’s pretty hopeless. The editorial suddenly becomes “here is a thing that’s been out a good while, I have no frame of reference for it, please explain it to me”

    And when that stuff happens, a lot of people usually get pissy. I really think you need a third regular editor, one with different preferences to fill those gaps. I think your readership has come to expect a total coverage in that regard, even if that’s not what you intended when you started the site. Not an anime specialist, good god no! You’ll just wind up with a resident otaku giving otaku news to the otaku, who have already heard the otaku news anyway because they’re otaku. Just someone who loves animation, but not so much cartoons.

    You need a Peter Chung, basically.

  • Matthew

    That is awesome, but I wish they could make more anime like that.