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“Rain Town” by Hiroyasu Inshida

This is a graduation film of Hiroyasu Ishida (a.k.a. Tete) at Kyoto Seika University. The mood, backgrounds and color style are very, very good. We’ve previously posted Ishida’s Fumiko’s Confession back in 2009. He’s obviously a young man to watch.

(Thanks, Rod Tejada)

  • Wow! I remember thinking that Fumiko’s Confession was pretty cool, but Tete has really taken it to another level of professionalism! The artwork and pacing are truly beautiful.

    The website is worth a visit also. There’s some interesting pre-production art over there.

    Thanks for posting this!

  • CallmeZ

    Beautiful. I wish this guy best of luck! I think animation can use such “un-popness” & “un-mcdonaldness” to balance current trend.

    P.S- We love you Japan, you’ll be alright.

  • tomm


  • Iritscen

    Really great stuff, this is the perfect antidote to the posts here that make me worry for the future of animation.

  • Farfenheimer

    What a special animation.

  • Alissa

    A very nice break in my day. Thanks for posting this Jerry.

  • Sarah

    Lovely. Pleasantly reminiscent of Miyazaki/Spirited Away.

  • Very timely, whether intentionally or not. Beautiful, stunning work. Thanks for sharing!

  • Baron Lego

    Very, very, very nice!

  • Beautiful work. So much mood and atmosphere in the BG’s , the effects.
    The minimal, understated animation fits the piece .

    In typical understated Japanese fashion this young man writes in his profile:

    “I am a student who aspires to work in the animation industry. All my work, including animation, manga and illustrations are opened to the public.”

    He aspires to work in the animation industry. I should think so.
    If I owned an animation studio I’d only say: “When can you start?” .

  • This film is beautiful. To create something so accomplished at student level. This guys going to be big, or there is something seriously wrong with the world.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    While it looked beautiful and the animation was great, this film put me to sleep, not joking, after 2 minutes of nothing happening. I think the guy got very distracted in showing the beautiful BG shots he had made. The shots almost seem irrelevant to what is going on in the story. The pace is very slow and the music gets repetitive after the 2.5 minute mark. There’s no reason this film should be 10 minutes. It’s an amazing feat that he accomplished visually with his time constraints as a student, but the story was just drawn out and slow. I know some might say it was suppose to be that way, but I think there should have been some balance. Think about Transformers 2. There are soo many damn explosions that by the 10th explosion it doesn’t even phase you.

    • z_z

      That terrible analogy in itself reveals your folly.

      • Stephen M. Levinson

        Not at all. If you have the same type of shots over and over with the same music, it’s not going to have the same effect on you for the entire film. You have to balance. That’s why films have CLIMAXES. If the entire thing was a climax, it wouldn’t be exciting. If a film is sad the entire time, mid way you’re not gonna be so sad because it’s just gonna feel repetitive. As is the music in this film. And yes that was a good analogy because its the same principal. The 20th explosion no longer had any effect on me. But if i was to watch the film and had to wait 45 minutes for the 2nd explosion, THEN it would affect me. It’s all about balance.

        Just to side note, why don’t people usually respond to comments with details? I mean, Z_Z says “You’re analogy is bad so you don’t know anything” Like, C’mon, really? Maybe you could instead point out what part of my explanation didn’t make sense or was unjustified. Instead, we get one liners like “Nope, you’re wrong.” C’mon, be mature about it.

      • Upstanding Citizen

        10 minutes of beautiful, repetitive long takes and excessive atmosphere?

        Or five minutes of people screaming and making excessive one liners and pop culture references? I’ll take the former, thank you very much.

        This film may take it too far, but the fact it even tries to get in some of the relaxed pacing of Tarkovsky or Ozu, and comes as close as it does, is a HUGE accomplishment for a student or any professional. I can’t wait to find out what Hiroyasu has in store for us as a professional.

    • On the contrary, I don’t think this is about story at all. It’s a mood piece, and a wonderful one at that. Grab a beer, glass of wine, or a cup of green tea, put it on, sit back, and let it wash over you.

    • Christine

      While I understand your point of variety, I would also say because of movies like Transformer, which desensitizes you, people have little patience for work that actually requires participation and engagement in order to appreciate it. Everything’s new, shiny, loud and fast; I love this film because it’s not.

    • Stephen M. Levinson

      @Rajesh @Christine

      Great points! Gives me a perspective on it that I hadn’t considered. Thanks!

      • Gray64

        To Rajeesh, Christine, and Stephen, I think you all have good points.
        This is an exquisitely done mood piece that really communicates very specific emotions. Is it too long? I don’t know. For me it is, as I find myself kind of agreeing with Stephen. After about 5 minutes I found myself getting a bit bored, but that may be an entirely personal thing. I’m sitting at a desk in a not-terribly comfortable office chair; if I was under a cozy blanket in an armchair, my opinion might be different.
        Still, a beautiful piece of work. Reminds me of why I love rainy days.

  • Yvette Kaplan

    That is exquisite. Haunting. And in addition to all the beauty of the visuals, the soundtrack is perfection. Thank you! To Tete, for creating it, and to Jerry, for posting.

  • Plank of Wood

    Lovely work! Hope to see him more in the future.

  • DB

    This has a real ‘Night on the Galactic Railroad” vibe to it, which is really high praise from my point of view, I really like the dreamy atmosphere.

    I had to watch it twice to pick up on a few things, which is also, to me, a cool thing – although I don’t think the film is meant to be understood TOO literally.

  • Adrienne M

    Yeah, this was a mood piece, and I liked it–even if I CAN sympathize with why some people would be impatient with it. Also notice there aren’t any close-ups. Did it remind anyone else a bit of Dudok de Wit?

    I used to live in South Korea, and this piece really does feel like rainy season in some town in NE Asia. There’s a certain heartbreaking flavor of loneliness and a certain “magical” serendipity. This film really took me back.

  • I love this especially the beautiful backgrounds! I’m reminded of ‘The Diary of Tortov Roddle’ (http://youtu.be/vCE6b753wqo)and Shaun Tan’s books

    • Plank of Wood


  • wgan

    you don’t necessarily need to be surprised by the beauty of this animation if you are so into contemporarily japanese animation because i assure that you’ve got the similar experience hundred times before, the fact is, they look exactly the same, same piano background melody, same background rendering style, same character design, same animation, cinematography approach, same ‘moody’ non-sense nostalgia, yet this one still hold your attention, however it’s just the truth that those people show the same stuff again and again to you that eventually you will reach ultimate boredom and simply ignore the rest, if you still get touched after watched those billion times, well, you are really something speaking of artistic taste, good luck!

    • Upstanding Citizen

      I wish I could make out what you were saying, needless to say accusing Japanese animation of all being the same is exactly the same as accusing all American animation of being about funny animals. I do enjoy Yasujiro Ozu, and I do enjoy Hou Hsiao Hsien, and I’m also a fan of Hirokazu Koreeda and Edward Yang, despite the fact that all of them use the same sort of shots over and over and have the same influences.

      If you somehow watched these works and got the impression that they were all exactly the same, in aesthetics, pacing, narrative, etc. I’m dreadfully sorry.

  • Some information about the making of Rain Town here:


  • Jerry

    Went from absolutely incredible and sweet to WTF?!