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Satoshi Kon: Beyond Imagination


Big news for New York anime fans: acclaimed Japanese animation director Satoshi Kon (Paprika, Perfect Blue, etc.) is coming to New York City this week to personally host a retrospective of his films for the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Kon will be participating in an onstage interview opening night, Friday June 27th, to kick off the series, and will be introducing all the films for the duration of the screenings (June 27-July 1).

This is an incredible opportunity to meet one of the modern masters of anime. For more information on this series, Satoshi Kon: Beyond Imagination, and to purchase tickets go to the Walter Reade Theatre website.

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  • Alex

    I’d love to go to that. Paranoia Agent has to be one of the best TV series ever made.

  • Sharkcellar

    Dammit! I wish I was in New York. I’d love to talk to the man. A giant.

  • Tim Rauch

    wow I feel like such an idiot for being a swim instructor… I will be spending Friday afternoon learning the finer points of imparting the back float to small children. Let’s hear it for WSI certification!

  • Adam Van Meter

    Wow, what a wonderful opportunity. I hope that as many people go this rare opportunity as possible. Satoshi Kon makes excellent, visually beautiful films.

    I just saw Paprika the other night, in fact. Stunning visuals, lots of fun.

  • Zekey

    i wish i lived in new york so i could see this.
    if only teleportation were perfected.

  • Aaron H. Bynum

    Kon likes to talk about his work, which is always a benefit for foreigners who don’t always have access to reading his commentary every now and again.

    Just as important though, it’s good to see that they’re going to show all of his films, as well as the TV series be made at MADHOUSE, which was produced entirely in-house, for that matter. Although it’s true that he loves to exploit that angle dubbed psychological realism, the many approaches he takes to the notion are as varied as the number of projects he’s directed… and you can only gain that perspective if you watch all of his work.

  • Peter

    “one of the modern masters of anime”

    And indeed one of the modern masters of animation anywhere in the world, not just the Japanese industry.