Scantily Clad CGI Horuses in a Conga Line Scantily Clad CGI Horuses in a Conga Line

Scantily Clad CGI Horuses in a Conga Line


As best as I can make out, the animation combines a popular Japanese meme surrounding gay porn star Billy Herrington with a newer animation-loop meme called Fukkireta in which “anime characters dance with their hands on their hips and shaking side to side with cute background music,” like this:

A lot of the Fukkireta appear to be cycles edited from existing anime productions, but it’s all inspired by this piece of animation that first appeared online last May:

  • Timanim

    Wow, I never thought I’d see niconico stuff on cartoon brew.

    It is fun to see complete amateurs at animation try their hands at making this sorta stuff. It’s surprising the things people can do with a meme!

    Post some Geddan or Caramelldansen next?

  • ZN

    There’s an enormous subculture in Japan about generating animation-based memes, and recreating popular anime music videos with characters from other properties. I’m unable to grok it, but then again, I guess websites like Newgrounds aren’t a whole lot different. It’s just not my personal taste. But anything that is a gateway for young/inexperienced artists to want to pursue a career in animation is okay in my book.

  • Further evidence that everything on the internet is ultimately descended from “Hamster Dance”

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Pretty much seems like it (the way memes start out), of course then you’d be blaming Disney’s Robin Hood for the whole thing (and let’s not go there).

      Kinda amused watching one of those clips and spotting “I.M. Meen”, didn’t think he’d be NicoNico material now, course there’s no telling what may fancy these creators in putting these things together.

  • Josh

    I must admit enjoying watching cute little looped animation. Now what is being animated is up for debate but darn-it this animation is seductive.

    I can live with out the live action stuff. Klingon meme! Yikes!

  • holyduck

    Yes, agree with ZN. There are so many videos like this made by the Japanese that it’s hardly weird anymore.

  • David Breneman

    So, the ur-animation that started it all it just a 12-frame loop played over and over? OK, I suppose that can get you interested in sort of a space-out “it’s cool on acid” kind of way. It’s elegant, I must say, in its simplicity.

    The first one is just creepy. Eagle-headed, Schwarzenegger-bodied, fundoshi-clad dancers rising up out of the pavement? Rather Egyptian but very disturbing.

    The middle one is the gem. The same dance beat and interesting visuals to boot. I can see this being very popular in a club. Gotta love Ronald McDonald in this.

  • I think I was more surprised that Amid posted this than anything else… seems like something from 4chan :P though I know I am seen stuff like this before. Is this a new leaf for the brew? “dum dum duuuum!

  • Brought to you by Anubis Market.

  • Isaac

    They all look alike to me.

  • Wow, memes on MY Cartoon Brew? I… like?

  • At last, a companion piece to Colin’s Bear.

  • Ben K.


  • Dani

    LMAO The Horus one also features the song “Tunak Tunak Tun.”

    It’s been AGES since I’ve heard that ridiculously catchy song. And in a Meme, no less.

    What the heck am I looking at?

  • C

    I used to be very into anime when I was in high school… Now I finally understand what my parents felt like when they caught glimpses of it.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Welcome to the selective world of animation!

      • C

        Huh? I’m not sure what you mean.

  • Cameron Koller

    Niconico. Just when we thought moe was going to ruin everything, along comes Niconico to dispel all suspicions about anime.

    I’m going to need a double feature of Night on the Galactic Railroad and Angel’s Egg right about now.

  • I…had never actually heard of this meme before, although I was delightfully surprised at how much I recognized out of the second video.
    People animated characters from Vocaloid (Miku Hastune), Lucky Star, Hetalia, (I think?) Haruhi Suzumiya…yikes.
    Crazy! What did I just watch?! o_O;

  • It’s a Horus line!