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Speed Racer Gas and Go-Go-Go!

We may have a Felix Chevrolet dealer in Southern California, but Ben at the Japanese Nostalgic Car blog reports on a new chain of Speed Racer themed gas stations in Japan. Here’s the Official Web Site.

(Thanks, Doran Gaston)

  • What’s with the Roger McGuinn/Byrds knockoff in their theme song?

  • Schweet!

    Gas stations should be more fun! Landmarks like that, could ease the pain of a long road trip for a kid.

    We need to do Hanna Barbera themed stations in the states!


  • Scene: A wife runs into kitchen from the garage, screaming-

    “Honey, do you care to explain how an 8 year old and a monkey wound up in the trunk of your car between here and the gas station?!!!”

  • matt

    Too cool. I couldn’t find any bigger/wider pics of the statue at any of the links. Can anyone help? It looks fantastic!