<em>Tailenders</em> <em>Tailenders</em>


Move over, Speed Racer! Here comes the trailer for Tailenders:

The plotline here: A serious accident requires a driver to have his heart replaced with the engine of his own racing car. And I thought Turbo Teen was wild!

  • Adam C.

    It still unnerves me how similar this project is in both style and content to Takeshi Koike’s Redline:


  • Professor Widebottom

    Once again, Japanese animation puts me on the edge of feeling like I’m losing my mind… and it’s really interesting at the same time.

  • Christina S.

    So I know that a lot of people are probably going to dismiss this as over-stylized animu garbage… but I don’t care. This looks AWESOME.

  • Charlie

    That looks nuts.

  • Looks interesting but no REDLINE:

  • vzk

    That looks like a cartoonier version of IGPX.


  • Royston Dann

    The style is a little reminiscent of that of Takeshi Koike, whose movie Red Line seems at least superficially to involve similar themes.


    Takeshi Koike’s work is incredible, and I understand that he draws most of the key frames for the animation he directs, which may explain why Redline has been in production for four years or more.

    Does anybody know the status of Redline? I haven’t heard anything about it in some time.


  • This isn’t the kind of thing that will bring anime to the forefront of American critical discussion. Nor will it convince anyone new that Japanese animation is more than just incomprehensible ultraviolence.

    It will, however, make a million ten-year-olds scream “AWESOME!” I know this because the ten-year-old me who lives in my heart just did so.

  • I think I saw a pilot or test animation for this once.

    Was sold the moment I noticed the pink Dinosaur on ROLLERBLADES.

  • I like this! Good clean animation fun for all the family…

  • Strange, it reminds me of Wacky Races.

  • Dead End

    Reminds me of Red Line, which looks even wilder.


  • Iritscen

    Wow, the style reminds me of Dead Leaves. Anyway, it looks outrageous and awesome.

  • darin m


  • Looks like something GAINAX would produce.

  • Oluseyi

    Muddy visuals and audio. The prognosis is not good.

  • Steve Gattuso

    None for me, thanks. I’m driving.

  • startend

    Here somes TAIL-GATER– I mean, TAILENDERS!!! I thought it said that before I really read it.

    Yeah who’s the studio? It looks like GAINAX. The only thing I don’t like is how the cars and race courses are in 3D, but they, it’s inconspicuous.

  • Smells like FLCL or Gurren Lagann.

  • cartoon


  • James T

    Wow. I’m usually put off by cel shaded CGI, but this makes it look so slick and stylish. I’d love to see how they made the show.

  • Reminds EVERYONE of Redline apparently. :)

    Worth noting by the way that this is an independent production, tho I haven’t read enough about it to know quite how homemade or otherwise.

  • Oh and it looks nothing like Gainax.

  • Struck me as very similar to that short in the animatrix, with the track runners. Also sort of reminds me of Afro Samurai. Evidently everyone else immediately thought of Redline, though.

  • Scott

    Another japanese kiddie cartoon with little story or character. Graphics look ok, if derivative.

  • Rodrigo

    Roller skating T-Rex sold me.

  • Nobody but me thought of Wacky Races? How old are you kids?

  • Turbo Teen Forever

    That main title Turbo Teen human-to-car morphing scene was animated by John Kimball.


    Wow…that looked pretty bad ass.

  • What- no cute, talking animals? Do the characters learn some moral lessons about stuff (like how lying is bad)? At least have the decency to throw in some overly-expensive celebrity voice talent!

    See, this why Japan doesn’t know what it’s doing when it comes to animation. Not like us!

  • Royston Dann

    Adam; Redline, World Record (Animatrix) and the original Afro Samurai pilot are all directed by Takeshi Koike at Madhouse, so it’s interesting that this trailer brought those things to mind for you.

    Iritscen: Takeshi Koike was also key animator for Dead Leaves, so it seems many people are having a similar response. Okay, I promise I won’t mention Takeshi Koike again.

  • Haha my bad, by a pilot animation I must of meant Red Line, I just presumed this was that getting a series. Guess they really are similar.

  • That was a seriously messed-up mind trip. The anime seems like it will have wonderful eye candy, and reminds me of my own art style.

    Stinger Nose and PingPongBall Head FTW!!!

  • Graham

    Wow thanks for showing me that Redline trailer! I don’t usually like anime but that was awesome!

  • Jose Manuel

    well I love miyasaki but I`m not a big anime fan, this trailer shows what I thing About mainstream anime : 98 percent style 2 percent nothing else

  • Jack

    Wacky Races!!! Got a bit of a Paul Pope flavor to it, non? Dig it!

  • Isaac

    Baron Lego, maybe both (US CG films and Japanese anime films) are derivative nonsense, each pandering to a different group’s lowest common denominator. There’s nothing inherently wrong with making a product that pleases a large audience by being simple, but we don’t need to pretend that it’s genius.

    “Tailenders” looks like an animated action melodrama for teens, a popular genre in anime. CB’s Jerry did just toss it on the front page without much editorial work, and he left everyone guessing at his intentions.

    Christina S, glad to oblige! Saturated with fast-slow-fast timing tricks; scant personalities; fixed and repetitive gestures, poses, and expressions; flapping mouths with no lip-sync; long-winded and ridiculous dialogue.

  • Christina S.

    Okay, so after watching that Redline trailer… yeah. Something’s up. There is no way the two look so similar without any kind of connection.

    And Isaac, you are of course entitled to your own opinion, but I think calling Tailenders a melodrama is a mistake. I mean, there’s a pink dinosaur rollerskating. It’s obvious that whoever’s in charge of this is trying to make it as ridiculous as possible.

  • Royce Day

    And yet the concept is still not as wierd as FLCL…

  • this trailer shows what I thing About mainstream anime : 98 percent style 2 percent nothing else
    Aside from that sentence being pretty much incoherent, this is not really ‘mainstream’ anime, it’s an indie pilot.

    Anyway for people who are actually interested in animation business worldwide and not just posting to make sure everyone knows how proud they are to be willfully ignorant about anime, here are some interesting related links:

    ‘Anime Innovation Tokyo’ who are producing this and other creator-driven independent works:

    Here’s their youtube channel with more trailers and making-of from Tailenders and other projects: http://www.youtube.com/DOGAKAKUMEI?gl=JP&hl=ja


  • scant personalities; fixed and repetitive gestures, poses, and expressions; flapping mouths with no lip-sync; long-winded and ridiculous dialogue.


  • Isn’t this the trailer for the new Mario Kart videogame? ;-)

  • Actually, even though I assimilated this days ago, it wasn’t until everyone here pointed out the similarity to Redline, that I realised it WASN’T Redline.
    I actually thought this was a second trailer for that other thing that I had watched the previous week (Redline), but hilighting the cel-shaded filler instead of the kurisuma hilights. Didn’t twig it was a seperate project at all.
    I’m such a goon.

  • haha that WAS nuts! and i’m really glad you gave turboteen props!!!

  • Issac: Genius? Hardly. But that thing caught and held my interest more than a lot of what we’re cooking up on this side of the planet, animation-wise. Maybe some North American studio could make a cheap, stilted-looking Flash version (but with full lip-sync, of course) and show ’em how it’s done.

  • I’ll join the club. Reminids me of uh, Cars! And Robo Geisha.

  • Ridgecity

    japanese animation tends to get stale every few years, but everytime it comes back, man… It makes me fall in love with watching cartoons again.