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“Tatsumi” trailer

Here’s the intriguing trailer for a new animated documentary celebrating the life of Japanese comic artist, Yoshihiro Tatsumi. A disciple of Osamu Tezuka, Tatsumi established an alternative style of comics called Gegika. Tatsumi was screened recently at the Cannes Film Festival and is presently seeking U.S. distribution.

UPDATE: Singapore has now qualified this film with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s as its official entry in the Best Foreign Language category.

  • Clint H

    Definitely better than some of the anime tripe tht I see floating around.

    • TheVok

      Well, while it’s a Flash-animated documentary based on Tatsumi and his manga, it’s not anime.

  • cbat628

    Who else is ready to see this the first chance they get?

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    It looks as if the entire documentary is animated. I’m sold! I don’t hold any of Tatsumi’s comics in my home library, but I admire his work. Perhaps, this will change after viewing the documentary film. I look forward to its U.S. release. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Jim Engel

    I too am ready to see this the first chance I get.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    For a good primer on Gekiga and a review of one of Tatsumi’s works that was published domestically a few years back, here’s a terrific podcast episode to check out!

  • If I didn’t already know Tatsumi’s work, I don’t know if this trailer would necessarily hook me. But I do, and it does. I’m already in the ticket queue.

  • So is this just the animated version of A Drifting Life?

  • I’ve seen it in Annecy and enjoyed it a lot. The story is sometimes confusing with episodes of Tatsumi’s work thrown in, but very well done all in all.