Transformers Cosplay Transformers Cosplay

Transformers Cosplay

In honor of the forthcoming big budget TRANSFORMERS movie, we hereby present this low tech fan tribute:

  • I caught some bits n pieces of the Michael Bay’s Transformers The Movie while watching the MTV movie awards earlier. I was actually a bit disturbed by the image of Michael Bay’s Optimus Prime without his face mask. I’ve stepped on creatures scurrying across my bathroom floor that looked like Michael Bay’s Optimus Prime. I went from having zero optimism in this movie to actually being repulsed by it.
    But at least there’re videos like this, as strange as it is, that still show people having fun with the franchise.

  • Yikes, hopefully the robots in the movie will be a little less awkward.

  • vineet

    aw come on! its this kinda thing that makes you want to create something in the first place. i’ve never been a fan, but seeing this kinda love for a character/characters is turning me slowly into a believer

  • Jerry you realize this IS the movie right?

  • strange and wonderful. Another delightful subculture from youtube.

  • Pinatabots! Transform and roll out!

  • I’m with vineet. I used to know nerds like that. It makes me miss then.

  • Yeah I never got the whole Transformers appeal (if their so powerful why do they have to hide as cars and boats and stuff? And why does Megatron turn into a gun? Who holds the gun?). That said, this looks like a lot of fun, and you have to hand it to the people who take the time to figure out how to make those work.

  • tom

    I love genuine geeks. Nice job one and all.

  • This I could watch for two hours.
    That Michael Bay disaster I could not.

    In reply to Travis: Transformers hide as cars and stuff, because vehicles that change into giant robots are cool. As for Megatron, it was usually my 9 year old brother that held the gun.


    Seriously, the high concept of The Transformers story, created by Jim Shooter, Dennis O’Neil and Bob Budiansky is solid. While the production quality of the original cartoon can be picked to pieces, the iconic archetypes that were created have withstood the test of time.

  • I’m pretty certain that chap with the awesome Optimus Prime costume at the end was at Megacon a couple of years ago.

    People’s costumes always range from being “oh how clever” to “wow….I am at a loss for words.”

    Like that year this guy shaved himself bald (he must have been like 16) and had on a brown torn up loincloth and crawled around on all fours like Gollum all day.

    It was cute at first…..but then…..then it got repulsive.
    Cons never fail to leave at least one nightmarish memory trapped in the back of the mind for eternity. :s

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I just realized I can stand this a WHOLE lot more than that Michael Bay film any day of the week, and that says a lot!

  • Kelly Tindall

    This tape shows that Transformers, while transformed, are basically pointing their butts out all the time.

  • G

    I’m betting all those guys are still single. And they still get together every Saturday night for a round of D&D.

  • That looks awesome…but really, really painful. Holding a pose like that…ouch. Then again, Cosplay is love.