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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Alec Mackenzie

Alec Mackenzie

Alec Mackenzie is an artist who creates corrupted, grotesque and funny loops of low-end 3D animation and presents them as animated GIFs.

Alec MackenzieAlec Mackenzie

You can find Alec’s archive of these on his Tumblr

Alec MackenzieAlec MackenzieAlec Mackenzie

Towards the earlier part of his blog, you can also see some kinetic wall installations that Alec created using black lines (possibly made of tape or painted to look blocky and computer generated). The lines animate directly on the wall with small motors and a scroll of paper.

Alec MackenzieAlec MackenzieAlec MackenzieAlec MackenzieAlec Mackenzie
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